Rio Verde Golden Prestige Metallic Paint - 250ml

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  • Goes onto wood, metal, glass, plastic and fabrics 
  • Water-based, low odour and eco-friendly
  • Create various styles including romantic shabby chic
  • Use as a base coat, apply chalky furniture paint and distress the finish to reveal metallic areas beneath
  • Also can be used as a decorative topcoat 
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Rio Verde Golden Prestige Metallic Paint - 250ml

Perfect for use with our Rio Verde Vintage Prestige Furniture Paint which gives a chalky flat matt finish. It is a pure acyrlic which does not chalk off like conventional chalk paints.

If you would like to order a free Rio Verde colour chart, please contact us.

Key Information

Interior and Exterior


Brush, Roller or Sponge
2 hours (touch dry)
8-10m² per litre
Wood, glass, plastics, metal and fabrics 


Tech Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


On rough surfaces it may be necessary to dilute the paint by about 10% with fresh water.

Clean surface to remove contaminants prior to applying. Ensure surface is stable, firm and free of dust, sand, loose old paint, dirt, grease and oil etc.

    Shake tin prior to application.

    Check the colour by conducting a test area.


    No primer is required before using this product.

    If using Golden Prestige as a stand alone product, we recommend using two coats for the application. 

    Shabby chic, distressed, stripped and pickled effects can be achieved using Vintage Prestige and Golden Prestige together.

    To apply textures of Golden Prestige, choose a colour from the Rio Verde Vintage Prestige range as the base colour and distress the finish using sandpaper sheets or fleece. You can then easily apply Golden Prestige with most synthetic brushes or rollers.

    Golden Prestige can also be used as a base coat and the Vintage Prestige as a top coat. This will depend on the desired look, the design possibilities are truly endless.

    Once the base colour is dry, use a clean brush to apply the second colour. Avoid painting on too thick. If it goes on too thick it will be harder to sand back later.


    Wipe with a soft, damp cloth or sponge.

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