Wooster Gold Edge FSC Varnish Paint Brush

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  • Ultra-soft formulation gives a feather stroke to virtually eradicate brush marks.
  • Stainless-steel, rust-resistant ferrule.
  • Hardwood handle increases durability and reusability.
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Wooster Gold Edge FSC Paint Brush

The Wooster Gold Edge Synthetic Filament Paint and Varnish Paintbrush is perfect for cutting-in and reducing tramlines when applying quick-drying paints. 


The brush features a stainless-steel ferrule with White and Gold CT polyester soft tip synthetic filaments, offering both the professional and DIY user excellent control. The beavertail beech hardwood handle is comfortable and helps to maintain productivity and reduce fatigue. This also gives the user excellent control and smoothing. The brush is very easy to clean and is suitable for all paints, enamels, varnishes and polyurethanes. 

Technical Information

Available Sizes 1", 1.5", 2", 3" and 3 Pack 
Material Synthetic
Head Shape Flat
Areas Of Use Paints, Enamels, Varnishes, Polyurethanes


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