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Rodo Painter's Lightweight Gripper Glove Designed for Painting

Painter's Lightweight Gripper Glove is designed specifically for use by painters and decorators. It has breathable fabric for enhanced comfort and a PU coated palm and fingers for increased grip during use. Come in one size suitable for all hand sizes.

Rodo Painters Lightweight Gripper Gloves

Rodo Painters Lightweight Gripper Gloves are made with a breathable fabric for enhanced comfort. PU coated palm & fingers gives improved grip and dexterity, as well as enhanced chemical resistance. Approved to EN420 & EN388. 

The grip is made of a resilient latex coating. It has been embossed with a texture. This contributes directly to the glove's highly effective gripping ability. The soft brushed acrylic and open-back style ensures comfort and breathability They offer a good protection against abrasion and tear hazards. The elasticated wrist provides a secure fit and guards against of dust and dirt.

Specially Designed for Use With:

Product ImageProduct Description
Rodo Protector Dust Sheet Rodo Protector Dust Sheet has a water resistant backing for maximum protection against spills. Dual protection against dust & liquids.
Rodo Cotton Twill Dust Sheet

Professional cotton twill dust sheet, which is ideal for protecting floors and furniture while decorating.

Rodo Poly Dust Sheet Roll

The Rodo Poly Dust Sheet Roll is low density and impermeable to paint and dust. Provides great waterproof protection from spills.

Static charged polythene clings to all horizontal and vertical surfaces, attracting paint overspray and sanding dust - No tape needed!


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