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About Allfinishes.com

Allfinishes was the result of our vision to bring expert finishing knowledge to the DIY enthusiast. With over 30 years’ experience dealing with some of the world’s leading paint, abrasives and equipment manufacturers, our pedigree is unequalled. As a result, we are able to offer a high level of technical advice to all of our customers, no matter what the surface.

We have carefully sourced the very best products for the DIY customer, professional contractors and industry,
from around the world, so you can achieve the ultimate beautiful designs and finishes.


Shipping is a flat £5 for all purchases up to £30. After that, Shipping is free to mainland UK.

We recommend Ceiling first, Walls second, Skirting Boards last. This order prevents splattered paint from the roller ending up on the freshly painted Skirting Board.

Oil based paints are made up of pigments dissolved in a mineral spirit such as paint thinner. They can be thinned with mineral spirits, dry to a hard finish and have a strong odour. Latex paints are an emulsion suspended in water and can be thinned and cleaned using water and emit a low odour. Enamel is a general term for finishing materials that dry to a smooth finish and can be made with either Oil or Latex technology. The desired look and conditions will determine what paint to choose.

Drying times will vary so we would always recommend that you consult the tin or technical data sheet for the ideal conditions, environment and drying times to paint. Following the correct information could be critical to successful drying.

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