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Bona Traffic HD

The world’s toughest and fastest drying lacquer for wooden floors.

Bona Traffic HD is a high quality, 2 component waterborne polyurethane topcoat lacquer which gives durable and beautiful results to many styles of interior wooden floors.

Bona has combined all of its primers and lacquers into a truly comprehensive and compatible system! The six primers offer colouration whilst the lacquer range includes high performance formulations that deliver all the durability and sheen levels you could possible need for a domestic, commercial or sports installation.

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Bona Traffic HD is the world’s toughest and fastest drying lacquer for wooden floors exposed to extreme wear, allowing full traffic to be resumed in just 12 hours. It is used in hotels, restaurants and airports worldwide, where short downtime is essential. Bona Traffic HD is Waterborne with very low VOC and odor, and is a clear, non-yellowing lacquer perfected for wooden floors.

Bona Traffic HD is ideal for interior floor surfaces such as solid wood like Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Acacia, Ash and Walnut; and engineered wood such as Oak, Ash and Walnut. It will dry to a non-yellowing, hard wearing finish. It is available in any sheen you desire (Satin, Matt and Dead Matt) and is perfect on top of one of our Sopur Harmony stains.

Bona Traffic HD is blended with the purest raw materials and is manufactured in Sweden. It's an ideal choice for shops and public locations where minimal downtime is important and the highest possible durability is required. Its low emissions and low odour make it possible to use without vacating the adjacent areas and ensures there is no lingering smell.


  • Ultimate speed and durability
  • Allows full traffic after 12 hours
  • Easy and safe to apply
  • Very low odour
  • GreenGuard Gold certified for very low indoor emissions
  • Recommended for schools and nurseries
  • EC1RPlus classified for very low emissions (the industry’s most stringent standard on indoor emissions)
  • Very low solvent content (VOC), <5%

Technical Information

Brand Bona
Coverage Approx 8-10m2 per litre
Application Roller (Microfibre/fleece)
Drying Time Touch dry and ready to recoat in 2–3 hours @ 20°C

1 coat of Bona Waterborne Primer, then 2 coats of Bona Traffic HD

Cleanup Clean directly after using water
Storage 1 Year if can kept dry and firmly shut and away from direct sunlight
VOC 52g/l
Ingredients Waterborne Polyurethane


Safety Data Sheet (131kb PDF)


Prior to application the surface must be pre-treated with a waterborne primer from Bona. For Bona Mega we recommend Bona Classic, Bona Natural, Bona White, Bona Amber or Bona Intense. Ensure floor is acclimatized to its end-use environment, well sanded, dry and free from sanding dust, oil, wax and other contamination. Allow lacquer and hardener to reach room temperature.

Optimal application conditions are between 18–25°C and 30–60% relative air humidity. High temperatures and low humidity shorten drying time; low temperatures and high humidity lengthen drying time. Minimum temperature for use is 13°C.


Shake the Traffic HD can and add one bottle of Traffic HD Hardener. Immediately shake the mixture thoroughly for 1 minute and then insert the enclosed filter. If mixing smaller quantities of lacquer then pour the required amount of lacquer into a separate can. 1 litre of lacquer corresponds to one part of hardener. 2 litres to two parts a.s.o. The mixture of lacquer/hardener should be used directly or at least within 4 hours.

Apply the lacquer using a Bona Roller. Roll with a smooth, flowing motion alternately across and with the grain of the wood avoiding accumulations of product. Always maintain a “wet edge” to avoid overlaps. Allow to dry properly before applying further layers. Anticipate slightly longer drying time for each layer that is applied.

If necessary make an intermediate sanding using a screen or the Bona Scrad System grit P150 (or finer) and remove dust before applying a final layer of lacquer.

Note: If the previous layer of lacquer has been allowed more than 24 hours drying time then an intermediate sanding is always required.

The floor will take light foot traffic approximately 8 hours after the final application. Allow the surface to dry for at least 1 week before covering with carpets or other floor coverings, or loading with heavy objects. Also avoid damp mopping the floor during this time.


Clean the floor with Bona Cleaner or Bona Wood Floor Cleaner and a microfibre pad. For maintenance and upkeep of the surface, floors can be overcoated at intervals with additional coats of lacquer. The frequency of this operation can be greatly reduced if Bona Freshen Up or Bona Wood Floor Refresher is applied periodically. This will restore the appearance of a dull floor whilst still allowing further coats of lacquer to be applied without the need for sanding the floor back to bare timber.

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