Koate Wood Varnish 2C DUO

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  • No overlapping 
  • Preserves woods natural look
  • Odourless – Conforms to Decopaint Directive 2010/75 EU
  • Famed for the ease of application
  • Exceedingly durable and hard wearing
  • Hides small scratches and defects
  • Self-leveling
  • No discolouration due to UV degradation
  • Available in Matt, X-Matt and Satin (X-Matt is ideal for a raw wood aesthetic)
  • Suitable for all wood types and Valchromat
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Koate Wood Varnish 2C DUO

 A colourless, protective varnish with high resistance to abrasion and water. Great for home and commercial use.

Wood Varnish 2C is a versatile interior varnish that offers a refined finish with great protection for most wood-types, including Valchromat surfaces.

Koate’s Wood Varnish 2C provides seamless results. Created with ease of application in mind, it has been designed to help irradicate overlapping from your finish. Its overlap-free formulation has been developed so you can simply apply with a roller, safe in the knowledge that it will not leave rolling stripes visible after. No more worrying about a patchy finish, or trying to buff yourself out of a corner. The finish is clean, clear and consistent, saving you time without costing you performance.

This ground-breaking waterborne product is made up of a duo of components, providing you with a great look and increased wear. Koate’s Wood Varnish 2C is enriched by polyurethane helping to ensure high-resistance to abrasion and water. 

This has been to designed to work in harmony with Koate's One Coat Wood Oil so you can customise and colour your finish.

Available in a range of sheens: Satin, Matt and X-Matt, it is easy to find the ideal finish.


Interior Only:  Interior furniture, doors, window frames, parquet, panelling, table tops, kitchens, stairs and balustrades, Valchromat, etc.


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One Coat Wood Oil

Creative Base


  1. The substrate must be dry, free of dust, dirt and grease. Clean the surface with clean Koate soap and remove all dust from the surface with a dusting brush.
  1. Add 20% of the B Component to Wood Varnish 2C A Component and stir well but MANUALLY before use.


5L of A Component + 1L of B Component

1L of A Component + 200ml of B Component


Tips: As the pot-life is strongly reduced when mixed, it is strongly recommended to mix small quantities. This mixture must be processed within 20 minutes.




 By Hand:

  1. Apply the first thin coat of Wood Varnish 2C by roller (short microfibre roller) or brush.
  2. Leave to dry for 12 hours.
  3. Apply the second thin coat of Wood Varnish 2C by roller (short microfibre roller) or brush.


No sanding between the first and second coat is needed. Should a third coat be used, then a light sanding between the second and third coat with an 240 grit abrasive or a scotch pad is advised.



Technical Information


No. of coats



18m2 per litre

Drying time

5 hours touch dry

Second coat applied after 12 hours

7 days fully cured


1.2L and 6L (A+B)


To read the product data sheet click here.


  • Store in dry conditions, in original packaging, at a temperature between 5 to 25°C
  • The product is frost sensitive, use frost-free storage and transport
  • Keep away from direct sunshine


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