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The innovative Bona Mega Natural seals and protects wooden feels whilst preserving the raw untreated look of the wood.

Bona Mega Natural is a super durable floor varnish that is specially designed to retain the natural look of the timber, often known as the 'untreated look'. This is extremely popular with Scandinavian style interiors right now. The varnish produces an almost invisible matt finish which is richer on lighter wood floors when treated with whitening primers or light stains.


For bare wood floors we recommend applying Bona Classic Primer, Bona Intense Primer or Bona Amber Primer before application of the Mega Natural. This will significantly improve adhesion between the varnish and floor as well as helping with the final finish colour.

It is not recommended to overcoat Bona White Primer or Bona Natural Primer with Bona Mega Natural.

It is not recommended to apply more than two coats of Bona Mega Natural per day as applying too many coats can increase the risk of wood swelling and causing issues to your floor.

Please contact us if you would like to try a sample free of charge.


  • High quality durability and hard wearing
  • GreenGard approved product for low indoor emissions
  • Low in VOC
  • Ideal for high traffic areas
  • Ready to use product with a single-part waterborne floor lacquer
  • Perfect for lighter coloured wood species

Technical Information

Brand Bona
Coverage Approx 8–10m2 per litre
Application Roller
Drying Time Touch dry and ready to recoat in 2.5–3.5 hours @ 20°C. Light use in 24 hours
Coats 1 coat of Bona Waterborne Primer, then 2 coats of Bona Mega
Cleanup Clean directly after using water
Storage 1 Year if can kept dry and firmly shut and away from direct sunlight
VOC 60g/l
Ingredients Waterborne Polyurethane


Technical Data

Safety Data Sheet


Please ensure the wood is sanded back to bare wood if there is already a finish applied on the timber. Previously waxed, polished or oiled floors cannot be overcoated with Bona Mega Natural.

Floors to be varnished must be clean, dry and free of all surface contaminants.

1. Start off with sanding floors back to bare wood.
2. Final sanding should be done with 120 grit abrasive
3. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all traces of sanding dust from the area to be varnished.
4. For filling small gaps between walls, skirting boards and floors use Bona Gap Master
5. For filling holes, splits, dents and other surface imperfections please use Bona Mix and Fill or Bona Mix and Fill Plus.

Wood Flooring Primers
For stronger adhesion on bare wood floors we strongly recommended the use of a wood primer. This will also help to improve the colouration of the final finish. 
Product Use
Bona Classic Primer Non-yellowing clear primer designed for use with Bona varnishes
Bona Intense Primer Provides increased 'build' with a medium rich wood colouration
Bona Amber Primer Wood primer designed for darker tropical species of wood. Rich amber colouration.


Its always recommended you test a area of wood before starting any project to assess how the product is going to behave 

with your flooring. This will show suitability and what the final finish will act like towards the end result.

Shake the product well before using to allow the contents to mix around as it may have been stationary for a while and the formula may have settled inside creating a slight layer.

Apply Bona Mega Natural using a Bona Roller. by using a Roll with a smooth flowing motion, alternately across and with the direction of the grain. You can also use a Bona Swivel Head Applicator, which is a specialist products of 46cm coverage.

Try avoiding any accumulations of the product. Always maintain a wet edge to avoid any sort
of overlapping. Allow to dry.

The floor you have applied the application on will take a light foot traffic, nothing too heavy within close timings of when Bona Mega Natural was applied. Leave it around 8 hours after the final application to allow the surface to fully cure before using. Allow the surface to dry for at least 1 week before covering with carpets or any other coverings from light to heavy in weight. This is to allow the wood and surface to breathe and fully set.

During this application period, especially towards the final drying process, try to avoid using any sort of damp mop or any other cleaning applicator as this may change the final results of the product.

If any sort of spillage is created on the surfaces like water and other liquids, you must remove straight away.


Clean the floor with Bona Cleaner or Bona Wood Floor Cleaner and a microfibre pad. For maintenance and upkeep of the surface, floors can be overcoated at intervals with additional coats of lacquer.

The frequency of this operation can be greatly reduced if Bona Freshen Up or Bona Wood Floor Refresher is applied periodically. This will restore the appearance of a dull floor whilst still allowing further coats of lacquer to be applied without the need for sanding the floor back to bare timber.

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