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Rodo 9" Plastic Mini Roller Tray For Painting and Decorating

The Rodo 9" Plastic Roller Tray is for use with the Rodo 9" Roller frames and Refills. Features a high efficiency grid pattern. Also features ergonomic hand grips, oriented at the paint well end of the tray, that eliminates stress on the hands and arms.

Rodo Polypropylene Roller Tray

Rodo Polypropylene Tray is suitable for for 9 Inch Rollers. Used for both water based and many solvent based paints which are are suitable for roller application.

Specially Designed for Use With:

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Rodo Push Fit Plastic Handle Frame The Rodo Push Fit Plastic Handle Frame is a 5 wire, 8mm bar cage frame, with plastic push fit handle. It's the ideal frame for use with the Rodo Roller Tray. 
Rodo Gloss Pile Refill

Trade quality mini refills with short pile fabric, suitable for satin and gloss paints. The small 1/4″ nap roller covers or foam rollers will produce a smooth finish and are ideal for use on walls and wood surfaces. This roller is ideal with:

eicó Alterior Gloss

eicó Alterior Satin

Bedec Aqua Advanced High Gloss Paint

impra Profilan Opac

Rodo Tiger Medium Pile Woven Refill

Trade quality Rodo Tiger Medium Pile mini refills with woven fabric for greater durability, pick up and release. This thick and fluffy nap can hold more paint and get into the crevices of the rough surface. Medium 3/8″ nap roller covers are best for ceilings and drywall. These rollers are ideal for:

Bedec Aqua Advanced High Obliterating Matt

Bedec Interior-Flex Emulsion Paint 

eicó Alterior Matt

eicó Helmatt Emulsion

Rodo Medium Pile Microfibre Refill

Rodo Medium Pile Microfibre Refill provides an ultra smooth finish with no orange peel effect. Microfibre fabric that loads paint better than other woven fabrics and releases more uniformly so it doesn't require as much working out. It can be used on the widest range of paint types. Ideal for:

eicó Alterior Matt

eicó Helmatt Emulsion

The Rodo Heavy Duty Woven Refill is made with medium and long pile woven fabric for greater durability, pick up and release. Ideal for textured and rough surfaces. This is ideal for:

Bedec Extra Flex Masonry Paint

Extend your reach with the innovative, professional 2ft small Rodo Prodec Extension Pole. It featuries a custom adjustment and an innovative combination quick connect / threaded attachment

Very lightweight and durable extension pole with integral hand rest. It's a very lightweight and durable extension pole. Designed to help alleviate stress and strains when painting. Ideal for click-lock and screw-fit frames.
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