Rodo Prodec Premier Synthetic Paint Brush

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  • Top quality professional paint and varnish brush.
  • Manufactured using finest synthetic filaments
  • Rounded beavertail handle yields exceptional comfort in use.
  • Suited to emulsion and water-based gloss
  • Delivers smooth paint application and a  refined finish every time.
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Rodo Prodec Premier Synthetic Paint Brush

Synthetic Paint Brushes For Painting Flat Surfaces and Supreme Coverage

The finest quality pure synthetic filaments for a superb trade finish. The full-bodied head is excellent for pick-up and smooth release. It is ideal for use with all paints - especially suited to emulsion and water-based gloss. The brushes are available in various sizes, including 0.5” for detail work and hard-to-reach areas. The brushes give particularly great with solvent-borne oil coatings. Complete your professional painting jobs with ease when you take advantage of the Rodo ProDec Premier Synthetic Paint Brush. This paintbrush is strong enough to outlast plenty of uses, manufactured out of top-quality materials that won't weaken when you use them again and again. The brush has a comfortable, curved beavertail handle that gives it a professional appearance and provides you with a comfortable grip when you wield it

Areas of Use:

Oil (solvent-borne) coatings, acrylic (water-borne) coatings,emulsion, varnishes, wood finishes and lacquers


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