• A combination of pure and synthetic bristles for the right balance of pick-up and durability
  • Designed for smooth planed and rough sawn wood
  • Size : 4" (100mm)
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The ideal 4" brush for applying exterior barn paints.

Perfect for the application of exterior barn paints, such as Bedec Barn Paint and Origin LignaPaint.

The Rodo Prodec Flat Shed & Fence Brush is made from a mixture of polyester and pure bristle for durability, combined with a black beaver tail handle, ideal for most wood and timber treatments. No matter what job you need to perform, the Rodo Prodec Shed and Fence Brush will help you complete them to a high standard. This 4 inch brush has been engineered to make painting sheds, fences and barns simple, by putting you in control of the paint with its well-balanced pick-up, so you won’t make a mess as you coat the surface with ease and precision. Cutting down the time you spend painting.


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