Renner YO-**M863 Clear Self-Sealer

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  • Ready for use
  • Smooth finish
  • Self-sealing
  • Various Sheens available
  • Good stackability
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Renner YO-**M863 is a clear single-pack water-based self-sealer for interior use.

Available in various gloss levels, YO-**M863 is perfect as a self-sealing product or as a topcoat over clear water-based sealers. Ready for use as a single-pack product, it is particularly suitable for open pore substrates and demonstrates excellent vertical hold and chemical resistance. It can be catalysed with 1% of YC M407 to improve chemical and mechanical resistance, as well as accelerate the stackability

Areas of Use

Ideal for doors, furniture, turned parts, frames, skirting boards, wall panels and stairs


  • Ready for use
  • Smooth finish
  • Self-sealing
  • Various Sheens available
  • Good stackability

Technical Information

Brand Renner
Coverage (G/M²) Conventional Spray, Airmix Spray, Airless Spray, Electrostatic Spray
Coats 1 - 3 Max.
Touch Dry 60 minutes
Sand Dry 4 hours


24 hours
Mixing Ratio 100:1
Activator YC-M407
Thinner 5% water if necessary
Pot Life N/A
Solids Content % 33 ± 2
Specific Gravity (KG/L) 1.03
Viscosity 45 ± 3 (DIN 6 @ 23°C)
VOC (G/L) 130


Please email to request an up-to-date technical/safety data sheet for this product.


Sand the bare wood with increasingly finer grain abrasive papers in order to limit the raising of wood fibres caused by the water contained in the products. We suggest 180-240 Grit abrasives before. For best results, use stearate abrasives. Suitable for water-based stains, ensure the surface is completely clean of debris before coatings. See our pages for suitable abrasives for water-based products.


With good drying conditions and good air circulation (20°C with 65% humidity), build can be achieved with just 2 coats. Each coat of 100 G/M² with an interval of 30 minutes. Sand using 240 - 280 Grit abrasives after the first coat. Under these circumstances it can be sanded after 4 hours. Lower temperatures and higher relative humidity can lead to a longer drying time. It is possible to speed up drying using heated ovens. It can be cross-linked 1% of YC-M407 for durability.


Due to the high chemical resistance of water-based topcoats, the packaging used does not usually cause problems. We recommend high density polythene. PVC or pluriball are not recommended.

Please Note

It is important to understand when switching from a solvent-based to a water-based coatings system to check whether your equipment and apparatus is appropriate or whether more suitable solutions exist. AllFinishes are able to advise you on electrostatic guns, pumps, seals, silicones, glues, booth treatment products, packaging materials, fillers and abrasives. Email for further advice.


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