Renner YO-**M760 Pigmented Topcoat

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  • Fast drying
  • Even matting and smoothness
  • Good opacity and hiding power
  • Surface hardness
  • Chemical resistant
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Renner YO-**M760 is a single-pack water-based topcoat for interior use.

Available in a range of colours and sheens, Renner YO-**M760 is an excellent environmentally friendly choice of coating that offers excellent hardness and good chemical resistance. Formulated with non-yellowing polyurethane and acrylic resins, it maintains its colour very well. It is suitable for application over pigmented water-based primers like YL-M643, and can be crosslinked with 0.5-1% of YL-M407 for extra durability, glass adhesion and improved chemical resistance if needed.

Please note: Bespoke colours will have a longer lead time.

Please note, next-day delivery and paid pre-12 delivery is not guaranteed for tinted colours. Orders may take up to 2-3 working days for delivery.

Colour Matches

Our colour matches are done from our swatches in the mixing lab at a commercial level. Colour swatches can vary due to many factors and colours can change on ranges year to year. If you require a specific colour, please send in a sample of this colour for us to match it to.

Areas of Use

Perfect for flat parts, turned parts, picture frames, furniture and skirting boards


  • Fast drying
  • Even matting and smoothness
  • Good opacity and hiding power
  • Surface hardness
  • Chemical resistant

Technical Information

Brand Renner
Application Conventional Spray, Airmix Spray, Airless Spray, Electrostatic Spray
Coverage (G/M²)) 80 - 120 per coat
Coats 1 - 2 Max.
Touch Dry 15 minutes
Sand Dry 25 minutes


60 minutes
Mixing Ratio 100:2
Activator 1% of YC-M407
Thinner 5% water if necessary
Pot Life N/A
Solids Content % 40 ± 2
Specific Gravity (KG/L) 1.15
Viscosity 45 ± 3 (DIN 6 @ 23°C)
VOC (G/L) 130


Please email us at for an up-to-date technical data/safety data sheet for this product


Apply one or two basecoats of water-based pigmented primer from the Renner range. Once properly dried it should be sanded to create a smooths surface to paint the topcoat onto. We suggest using 280-400 Grit abrasives. For best results, use stearate abrasives. They provide higher efficiency than normal abrasives and reduce clogging.


Wth good drying conditions and with good circulation (20°C with 65% humidity), build can be achieved with just 1 coat of 120-140 G/M². Under these circumstances it can be dust-free after 30 minutes. Lower temperatures and higher relative humidity can lead to a longer drying time. It is possible to speed up drying using heated ovens. It can be cross-linked 1% of YC-M07 for extra durability or glass adhesion. 

Please be aware for more vibrant colours an extra coat may be required.  


Due to the high chemical resistance of water-based topcoats, the packaging used does not usually cause problems. We recommend high-density polythene. PVC or pluriball are not recommended.

Please Note

Renner YO-**M760 can be used as a ready for use product. Improved chemical resistance can be achieved by crosslinking 1% with YC-M407. It is particularly recommended for flat parts subject to extensive  wear or contact with chemicals. Please email us at if you require further technical advice.


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