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Renner YC-M407 is a general purpose Crosslinker for water-based basecoats and topcoats.

Renner YC-M407 is a Crosslinker designed for water-based systems such as Renner YO-**M760 or Renner YO-**C762. Once activated it will reduce stacking times. It will have a pot life of 24 hours after mixing.


  • General Crosslinker
  • Easy to mix
  • Extended pot life
  • High solids
  • Won't affect Sheen

Technical Information

Brand Renner
Application N/A
Coverage (G/M²) N/A
Coats N/A
Touch Dry N/A
Sand Dry N/A


Mixring Ratio See Part A
Activator N/A
Thinner N/A
Pot Life 24 hours
Solids Content % 70 ± 1
Specific Gravity (KG/L) 1.1
Viscocity N/A


Tech Data Sheet


Always use a calibrated and graduated clear paint mixing cup to mix the material. They are used for accurately mixing paints, resins and lacquers to the correct mixing ratio.


Although it is possible to blend manually through vigorous stirring, for best results ensure the hardener is added slowly under mechanical stirring conditions. This will ensure optimal consistent results and avoid air bubbles. This is especially important when mixing high Gloss Sheen levels.


When not in use keep the container well closed in dry conditions. Always close tightly after taking the quantity required for catalyst.

Please Note

The introduction of crosslinking agent in a product may result in an increase in viscosity. Do not exceed the maximum blend.

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