Origin LignaPaint (Barn Paint)

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  • Tough finish, resistant against cracking, flaking and peeling
  • Resistant to severe weather conditions, prevents algae and rot build-up
  • Multi surface coating for outdoor substrates, the ultimate versatile barn paint
  • Easy to apply, ideal for DIY and professional use
  • Much more colour choice than other barn paints
  • Water-based - low VOC and minimal odour
Origin Decorative
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Origin Decorative
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Origin Decorative
Origin LignaPaint (Barn Paint)

Origin LignaPaint is a decorative exterior multi-surface paint which is perfect for application onto wood and many other substrates.

Origin's LignaPaint is ideal for use onto outdoor woodwork and buildings, but also applies beautifully onto many other surfaces such as concrete, brick, uPVC and galvanised steel.

Areas of Use

Exterior: Sheds, fences, gates, barns, outbuildings, windows, posts, doors, industrial and factory units and cladding

Substrates: Wood, metal, plastic, concrete, weathered galvanised steel and brickwork

Bespoke Colours

To order a custom colour (RAL, British Standard etc.) please select "Bespoke" and type in your colour reference. 

Technical Information

Brand Origin Decorative
Coverage 13–15m² per litre (depending on substrate and porosity)
Application Brush and Roller 
Drying Time Touch dry in 30 mins @ 20 degrees. Hard dry in 4 hours @ 20°C. Full dry in 24 hours @ 20 degrees
Coats 2 coats
Cleanup Clean directly after using water
Storage 2 years if can kept dry and firmly shut, away from direct sunlight
VOC 0.055kg/l
Material Water-based acrylic


The substrate must be dry and free from oil and grease prior to painting. Power washing can help to remove dirt and cloose flaking paint. Any paint left must be sanded back to a sand edge. Any bare timber should be spot primed with a diluted coat of Barn Paint.

Use a jet wash and fungicidal wash to thoroughly clean the entire structure (do not rinse off the solution, leave it to fully dry instead so the solution will continue working overtime). Drying time should be a minimum of 24 hours before applying the paint.

If applying to bare metal, it is recomended to prime using Bedec All Metals Primer first.


Apply by brush or roller. 

For porous substrates, thin the first coat with 30% water. This coat will act as a self-primer. Do not apply at temperatures below 8ºC. Avoid applying in foggy conditions or if rain looks likely. Use two full coats for most effective aesthetic protection. Ensure good ventilation throughout application and drying process. 


Clean up is done simply with warm soapy water. Optimum hardness is reached after two weeks.


Please note that this is a tintable item and therefore non-returnable.

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