Renner YO-**C762 Pigmented Topcoat

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Renner YO-**C762 is a pigmented 1K water-based Acrylic/polyurethane topcoat for interior use.

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Perfect for conventional spray. Available in a range of colours and Sheens, Renner YO-**C762 is an excellent environmentally friendly choice of coating that offers excellent hardness and good chemical resistance. Formulated with non-yellowing polyurethane and Acrylic resins, it maintains its colour. It’s suitable over pigmented water-based primers like YL-M641 and YL-M643. It can be cross-linked with 0.5-1% of YC-M407 for extra durability and chemical resistance if needed. Perfect for flat parts, turned parts, picture frames, furniture and skirting boards.

Areas of Use

Perfect for flat parts, turned parts, picture frames, furniture and skirting boards


  • Easy to mix
  • Very high yellowing resistance
  • Surface hardness
  • Good vertical hold
  • Chemical resistant

Technical Information

Brand Renner
Application Conventional Spray, Airmix Spray, Airless Spray, Electrostatic Spray
Coverage (G/M²)) 100 - 150 per coat
Coats 1 Max
Touch Dry 2 hours
Sand Dry 4 hours


25 hours
Mixring Ratio 100:2
Activator YC-M407
Thinner 5% water if necessary
Pot Life N/A
Solids Content % 47 ± 2
Specific Gravity (KG/L) 1.16
Viscocity 30 ± 5 (DIN 6 @ 23°C)
VOC (G/L) 130


Tech Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Apply one or two basecoats of water-based pigmented primer from the Renner range. Once properly dried it should be sanded to create a smooth surface to paint the topcoat onto. We suggest using 280-400 grit abrasives. For best results, use stearate abrasives. They provide higher efficiency than normal abrasives and reduce clogging.


With good drying conditions and with good air circulation (20°c with 65% humidity), build can be achieved with just 1 coats of 120-140 g/m². Under these circumstances it can be dust free after 30 minutes. Lower temperatures and higher relative humidity can lead to a longer drying time. It is possible to speed up drying using heated ovens. It can be cross-linked 2% of YC-M407 for extra durability.


Due to the high chemical resistance of water-based topcoats, the packaging used does not usually cause problems. We recommend High-Density Polythene. PVC or Pluriball are not recommended.

Please Note

Renner YO-**C762 can be used as a ready for use product. Improved chemical resistance can be achieved by crosslinking 2% with YC-M407. It is particularly recommended for flat parts subject to hardwear or contact with chemicals.

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