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Moldex 5120 Compact Mask
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Moldex 5120 the maintenance free protection against gas, vapour and dust.

The Moldex 5120 Compact half masks are made from soft thermoplastic elastomer material, which is gentle with your skin. Moldex half mask ranges are designed to be extremely light in weight which allows the user excellent handling and real comfort when working.

Their gas masks go beyond the usual criteria and meet the high Moldex standards when it comes to comfort and safety of human health.

All Moldex products and packaging are completely PCV Free.

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Moldex half masks have unique product design with simplicity and comfort. The new CompactMask is fused with filter technology which offers high respiratory protection in a way which has never been done before. The CompactMask is easy to operate and offers lightweight capabilities allowing the user to feel unrestricted and the complete freedom to tackle daily working tasks with ease. The slim design offers great field of view which does not cause problems with vision, it can be worn with other Moldex products and regular safety equipment like face shields and goggles.

It’s simple, open the bag and the Moldex CompactMask is fully operational and ready to use, no hassle. Carry out the standard adjustments and checks to ensure your mask fits around your head. Push the valve cover and exhale to test if any air escapes, if everything checks out then you are ready to carry out your tasks.

Moldex CompactMask comes with the innovative ‘FlexFit’ situated in the nose area of the mask. This provides the user with security and a comfortable fit. The mask structure is smooth and gentle to touch for the skin and adapts to different face shapes and your personal movements. The FlexFit is especially designed to fit all sizes.

The CompactMask is easy to breathe through with pleated filter technology, it has more than double the filter surface to cover. This design reduces any sort of breathing resistance, creating an increase in service life for particular filters. No pre-filters are necessary for this product.


  • Ultra compact half mask
  • Maintenance free and ready for use
  • Wide field of vision
  • Unrestricted freedom of movement
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • FlexFit: automatically adjusts to different face shapes
  • Peated Filter Technology: low breathing resistance, high durability
  • Tested and certified to EN 405:2001

Technical Information

Brand Moldex

The Moldex CompactMask meet the requirements of EN 405:2001+A1:2009 and is CE marked in accordance with the requirements of European Directive 89/686/EEC. The “Institut für Arbeitsschutz der Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung” (IFA) in St. Augustin (0121) in Germany is responsible for both type examination (Article 10) and monitoring of production (Article 11B). The products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified plant.


Facepiece: Polypropylene, TPE // Head Strap: Polyester, Lycra // Clip: Polyethylene Particulate Filter: Polypropylene // Gas Filter: Activated Carbon // Gas Filter Cartridges: Polypropylene // Inhalation Valve: SBR // Exhalation Valve: Synthetic Rubber

Areas Of Use

Oragnic gases/vapours B.P. >65°C. Hazardous fine dusts, water and oil based mists/aerosols, biological agents of risk group 2.

Breathing Resistance 

30 l/min = 1.7

95 l/min = 6.4

Instructions For Fitting

1. Place the respirator over the mouth and nose and fit the head straps as shown in the illustration. (Use Product Information for guidance) 

2. Hook up the bottom straps at the back of the neck.

3. Pull the ends the straps to the required tightness.

Checking Face Fit

Close the vents of the exhalation valve by pressing down the flexible valve cover and breathe out slowly.

If no air escapes between facepiece and face, a proper sealing fit is achieved. If air escapes, adjust the position of the mask on the face or adjust the tension of the straps. Repeat this check until a seal is achieved.

If a secure seal cannot be achieved, do not enter any contaminated area. See your supervisor.

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