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Osmo Spray Wax

Osmo Spray-Wax - the high quality, industrial wood finish

Osmo Spray-Wax is a high quality oil-wax finish that has been especially developed for professional users! It is the specialist spray version of the popular and best selling Osmo Polyx-Oil. Osmo Spray-Wax is perfect for all interior wooden surfaces for which a durable, low-maintenance and hard-wearing surface is necessary on areas such as parquet flooring, stairs, furniture, table tops and kitchen worktops.

Osmo Spray-Wax is the highly effective, microporous oil-wax combination with high mechanical and chemical resistance for stairs, work surfaces and furniture.

Osmo Spray-Wax is based on natural, plant oils and waxes, resistant to dirt, water and abrasion and smoothens the surface. Suitable for wood; microporous surface does not crack, peel, flake or blister. Resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk and water according to DIN 68861-1A – no water spots. When dry, finish is safe for humans, animals and plants and is suitable for children‘s toys as per EN 71.3 (European norm) and is saliva-resistant and sweatproof according to DIN 53160 (German industrial norm).

Which applications/substrates is Osmo Spray Wax most suitable for?

Osmo Spray-Wax is ideal for all interior woods for which a durable, low-maintenance and hardwearing surface is necessary, e.g. stairs, furniture, table tops, kitchen worktops, toys, parquet, flooring and so on. Especially well suited to the use in wet rooms such as baths and kitchens.


  • Extremely tough and hardwearing
  • For cup and air spray guns, airless/airmix and HVLP
  • Easy application
  • Also suitable for wet rooms
  • Resistant to coffee, wine and cola

Technical Information

Brand Osmo
Coverage 24m² per litre
Application Spray Cup, HVLP Spray, Airless Spray, Brush, Roller, Pad
Drying Time Touch dry in 2-3 hours @ 23°C. Dry to sand in 6-8 hours @ 23°C. Dry to stack in 12-16 hours @ 23°C.
Coats 2 coats recommended
Cleanup White spirit or brush cleaner
Storage 5 years if can kept dry and firmly shut. Store for 24–36 hours at room temperature before use
VOC 500g/l
Ingredients Based on natural plant oils and waxes (sunflower oil, soya oil, thistle oil, carnauba wax and candelilla wax), paraffin, titanium dioxide white pigment, siccatives (drying agents) and water-repellent additives. Dearomatized white spirit (benzene-free). This product fulfils EU regulations (2004/42/EC) according to the VOC content of max. 500g/l (Cat. A/i (2010)). Detailed declaration of ingredients available upon request.

3009 Clear Semi-Matt, Anti-slip (R9)

3012 White Opaque 

3066 White Transparent

3084 Clear Matt

3085 Clear Satin

3086 Clear Gloss


Product Information (153kb PDF)
Safety Data Sheet (81kb PDF)


Wood surface must be clean, dry and frost-free (moisture content max. 18%). Osmo Polyx®-Oil Tints is ready to use, please do not thin. Stir well before use. Clean old microporous stains thoroughly. Old paints and lacquers must be completely removed. As a general rule, wear a dust mask during sanding works. Fill small cracks, larger joints or holes in wood (Osmo Wood Filler).

If possible, please apply the first coat to all sides before installation. Sand wood surfaces carefully. Begin with coarse sandpaper like Klingspor PS 22 K Velcro Discs x5 (D.I.Y. Pack) – final sanding work for flooring 120-150, for furniture P220-240. Before oiling the surface, remove sanding dust with a broom or vacuum. The finished surface is, among other things, influenced by the wood‘s natural characteristics. Therefore, a trial application is always required, especially for unfamiliar surfaces.


Clear Spray-Waxes enhance the natural tone of wood (permanent wet effect). Apply max. one coat thinly to cabinet interiors and drawers with a cloth. Osmo Oil Stain is ideal for a coloured treatment – simply apply as

a primer. For dark and extractive-rich hardwoods (e.g. Wenge, Merbau, Jatoba etc.), we recommend using Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin or Polyx®-Oil 2K PURE. A trial application is recommended.

First coat

Apply with a cup spray gun, airless/air mix or HVLP. Application amount, among other things, depends on wood species and surface, approx. 35 – 40 g/m². Allow for good ventilation while drying. Intermediate sanding: at least P220.

Second coat

Apply with a cup spray gun, airless/air mix or HVLP.

Application amount depends on wood species and surface, approx. 35 – 40 g/m². Allow for good ventilation while drying.

Osmo Spray-Wax can also be applied with a brush or cloth.

Spray parameters

Cup Spray Gun

Spray pressure approx. 3.0 – 3.5, nozzle approx. 1.3 – 2.0 mm


Material pressure 80 – 120 bar

Airmix control air approx. 1 – 2.5 bar

Nozzle: 0.28 – 0.33 mm

Depending on the work method of the user/machine, the equipment and the condition of the relevant units as well as the type and shape of the work piece, all details have to be adjusted or corrected to suit individual cases.

HVLP spray gun

Due to the multitude of different types of machinery, stating parameters is therefore not meaningful.


Wood surfaces treated with Spray-Wax are easy to maintain. Remove coarse dirt with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. To clean, add Osmo Wash and Care concentrate to mop water and clean the surface with a damp (not wet!) mop. To refresh and clean intensively, use Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner when necessary. If a higher gloss level is desired, after thoroughly drying applying Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner thinly and polish when dry.

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