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Rodo HD Foam Refills For Gloss Painting on Smooth Surfaces Like Wood and Metal

10 pack of trade quality 4" high-density foam mini refills, suitable for high-gloss paints. The high-density foam covers apply paint in thin coats. They leave fewer lap marks and leave the smoothest finish. They are ideal for use on wood, and metal surfaces. Extend you reach with Rodo Extension Pole.

Rodo HD Foam 4" Mini Roller Refills 10 Pack

Premium foam providing a smooth finish. These covers are ideal with high gloss finishes and will distribute paint evenly on the surface. Provided in a 10 pack offering to give the best value and have consistency throughout the job.

For Use With

Gloss Sheen. Water-based Paints, Oil-based Paints, Oils


Interior and Exterior, Wood, Walls, Concrete and Metal

Surface Type

Smooth, Semi-Smooth

Specially Designed for Use With:

Product Image Product Description
Rodo Mini Roller Frame
Rodo Mini Roller Frame The Rodo Mini Roller Frame is the ideal frame for use with the Rodo Mini Roller Tray. Rodo Mini Roller Frames are great for hard to reach areas and small spaces. Fits all 4-1/2” Rodo Mini Roller Covers.
Rodo Plastic Mini Roller Tray

The Rodo Plastic Mini Roller Tray is for use with the Rodo Mini Roller frames and Refills. Features a high efficiency grid pattern. Also features ergonomic hand grips, oriented at the paint well end of the tray, that eliminates stress on the hands and arms.

Rodo Prodec Extension Pole

Extend your reach with the innovative, professional 2ft small Rodo Prodec Extension Pole. It featuries a custom adjustment and an innovative combination quick connect / threaded attachment.

Very lightweight and durable extension pole with integral hand rest. It's a very lightweight and durable extension pole. Designed to help alleviate stress and strains when painting. Ideal for click-lock and screw-fit frames.


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