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Effortless Precision for Stunning Floor Finishes

Transform your floors with ease using OSMO Floor Pad Oil Finish Applicator Fleece. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, this applicator fleece ensures an even and professional application of OSMO oils, enhancing the natural beauty of your wood surfaces. Whether you're working on hardwood floors, engineered wood, or other wooden surfaces, achieve a flawless finish with this exceptional applicator.

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Products Used:

Osmo Wood Wax Finish Extra Thin

Osmo Floor Pad Holder with Joint

Osmo Flat Brush

Telescopic Handle

White Floor SuperPad


  • Tailored for OSMO Oils: Specifically designed for use with OSMO floor oils, ensuring compatibility for optimal results.
  • Precision Application: Achieve a consistent and smooth finish, enhancing the wood's natural grain and colour.
  • Efficient Coverage: The fleece material promotes even distribution of the oil, maximizing coverage without waste.
  • Easy to Use: Simplify your floor finishing process with this user-friendly applicator, suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  • Versatile: Ideal for various wood surfaces, including hardwood floors and engineered wood.


  • Compatibility: Designed for use with OSMO floor oils
  • Material: High-quality fleece for efficient oil absorption and application
  • Size: One-size-fits-all design for practicality and convenience

Application Instructions

  1. Ensure the wood surface is clean, dry, and prepared for oil application.
  2. Apply the OSMO oil to the Floor Pad Applicator Fleece.
  3. Spread the oil evenly over the wood surface, working with the grain for a seamless finish.
  4. Allow the oil to penetrate the wood, enhancing its natural beauty.
  5. Follow the recommended drying and curing times as specified by OSMO for optimal results.


 Ater use, clean the Floor Pad Applicator Fleece with OSMO Brush Cleaner or an appropriate cleaning agent recommended by OSMO.

Please Note

 For the best results, always refer to OSMO's product guidelines and recommendations when applying oils to your wood floors.


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