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Osmo 250mm Premium Roller Sleeve In Fresh Box

Osmo 250mm Premium Roller Sleeve In Fresh Box is a high quality roller. Sealed for maximum usage and protection. Roller allows the user to have a clean, professional and consistent finish every time. 

The Osmo 250mm Roller, is a premium roller sealed in a fresh tightly sealed container to obtain maximum fresh aplications. The main purpose behind this product is to act as a replacement for the Osmo Floor Roller Set. But that's not stopping you from using it as a regular roller applicator, alongside using it with a Osmo Roller Frame.

This is the ideal product to use for all general Osmo Wood Oils. The roller provides excellent qualities, allowing you to have a consistent finish, providing thin and high quality results. Osmo 250mm Roller can maintain high coverage with ease, The fresh box is designed to allow the user to store the roller in tightly sealed chamber, which essentially allows the roller to stay fresh and not dry out, not needing to rinse between coats. It's important to note that this container only allows the room for one singular roller which measures up to 250mm in length. 


  • For maximum results of Osmo Wood Oils.
  • A premium choice for a short pile microfibre roller.
  • Suitable for professional and DIY users.
  • Fresh sealed box allows the user to remain tightly sealed between applications. 
  • Creates a professional, consistent and clean finish with every use.

Technical Information

Brand Osmo
GTIN 4006850902583
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