• Enhances the appearance of soft and hardwoods
  • Offering a high level of resistance against UV light
  • A great way to see the range of colours
  • Real wooden samples 

Beautiful pastel shades formulated for contemporary interiors.

Our Harmony wood stain range enhances the appearance of soft and hardwoods, offering a high level of resistance against UV light. Use our high-quality colour chart uses wood chips to help you decide on a suitable colour for your requirements.

Pigmented Stains

Creme BPA-02

Latte BPA-8

Mocha BPA-05

Truffle BPA-01

Traviata BPA-07

Cotton BPA-154/16

Bleached Oak BN-125/09

Mink BN-022

Nutwood BPA-263/16

Wenge BPA-142/16

Sand 20-01

Cloud BPA-366/16

Linen 20-07

Ash BPA-367/16

Graphite BPA-368/16

Giovanni BPA-06

Murano BPA-03

Tosca BPA-04

Cinder BPA-10

Espresso BPA-09

Dye Stains

Time 22-01

Oxford 22-10

London Oak 22-05

Syrup 23-37

Beach Nut 22-66

Autumn 21-57

Calore 23-48

Nut Brown 22-23

Branch 22-25

Fern 27-54

Reclaimed Oak 22-15

Tanned 23-65

Bog Oak 22-55

Regent 22-74

Victorian 22-07

Sunrise 22-45

Squirrel 22-62

Leather 22-51

Windsor - 22-60

Bologna 22-415

Conker 22-50

Tar 22-40

Beaujolais 22-68

Bordeaux 26-32

Black BPA-103


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