Sopur Nitro Wood Stain

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Sopur Nitro Stain

Sopur Nitro Wood Stain will leave a smooth and steak free finish in preparation for further clear coats.

The Sopur Nitro stain range consists of 32 classic stain colours, giving expert results to all styles of interior wooden surfaces.

The Sopur Nitro stains will enhance the wood’s natural beauty and protect against harmful UV light, safeguarding the longevity and stability of your colours over time. Sopur Nitro Stains are based on organic solvent, dyes and pigments. It accentuates the grain in both hardwood and softwood and can be applied using a number of systems such as spray, wipe, brush, dip and sponge.

Sopur Nitro stain leaves a smooth, streak free surface in preparation for further clear coats. This is the ideal product to use underneath all internal solvent and water based clear coating systems.

Sopur Nitro stains are ideal for colouring wooden flooring, furniture and interior wooden surfaces.


  • Suitable for softwood and hardwood
  • Available in the Harmony Stain wood shade range
  • Ready to use brush, rag or spray use
  • Absorbs into the wood surfaces
  • Dries within 15 minutes
  • Beautiful streak-free application

Technical Information

Brand Sopur
Coverage 8-10m2 per litre
Application Brush, Rag, Spray
Drying Time Touch dry in 15 minutes, dry to recoat 15 minutes @ 23°C
Coats Variable dependent on look desired
Cleanup Clean directly after using nitrocellulose thinner
Storage 1 Year if can kept dry and firmly shut
VOC 770g/l
Ingredients Nitrocellulose, organic dyes and pigments


Here at AllFinishes we take health and safety seriously and recommend you use the correct protection for the job. Disregarding safety equipment can be damaging and result in long term health conditions. Please check out our Moldex range for high quality respirators and hearing protection.


The surface should be pre-sanded with 150 - 220 Grit abrasive (depending on the kind of wood) prior to using to avoid problems such as uneven or patchy drying.

Wooden surfaces should be vacuumed or wiped down after sanding to remove surface contaminates prior to applying.

Before using the stain, it should be thoroughly mixed. Shaking the container will ensure possible residue at the bottom is dissolved.

Ensure you check the colour by conducting a test area. It’s advisable to also try subsequent coats of the final lacquer on top to ensure the finished colour is suitable. Variable substrates can change the appearance of the stain.


One or Two coats can be applied to achieve the desired coverage and colour depth. The best results are achieved between 18℃ and 22℃ with good air movement and ventilation.

When Rag Wiping, use a soft, white, lint-free cloth. (Coloured or printed rags can bleed and cause discolouration). Apply the stain wet to the entire surface to avoid uneven dispersion and then remove any excess with a clean cloth. For bigger surfaces it may be suitable to apply the wood stain in sections. Always work along the grain when wiping off, and leave a minimum of 15 minutes to dry before applying finishing coats.

When Spraying, apply an even wet coat and remove excess with a soft, white, lint-free cloth. When dry spraying ensure an even coat is applied and that the gun strokes follow the grain of the timber. Wiping can enhance the constancy of the colour and accentuate the grain definition and the natural properties of the wood.

Dipping can be controlled through submerging and wiping the excess stain off with a clean, white, lint-free cloth to achieve an even stain.


Caution should be taken if roller, brush, sponge or pad applying a Pre-Cat or Acid-Cat based lacquer on top of this product as lifting or dragging of the stain can happen. This is not an issue if over-coating with a water based varnish or lacquer.

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