Rodo Disposable Moulded Respirators (Non-EN149)

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  • Single use
  • Low-risk cup type
  • Versatile usage
  • 100% polypropylene construction
  • Available in Pack of 5 & Packs of 50
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Rodo Disposable Moulded Respirators

Rodo Disposable Moulded Respirators (Non-EN149)Breathe Easy in Low-Risk Environments 

Rodo Disposable Moulded Respirators, your reliable companion for protection against dust and airborne particles in non-toxic environments. Designed for single use, these dust and filter masks offer a low-risk cup type construction, ideal for safeguarding against inert and/or nuisance dusts.

Don't compromise on your respiratory health. Invest in Rodo Disposable Moulded Respirators for reliable protection in non-toxic environments.

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Key Features

  • Single use: Each respirator is intended for one-time use, ensuring convenience and hygiene.
  • Low-risk cup type: Perfect for non-toxic environments, providing basic protection against dust and particles.
  • Versatile usage: Suitable for a range of activities including planting, harvesting, weeding, cleaning, sanding, gardening, mowing, and working with fibreglass and cement products.
  • 100% polypropylene construction: Constructed from durable polypropylene material, these respirators offer reliable protection and comfort.

Ideal for Various Activities

  • Planting, Harvesting, and Weeding: Shield yourself from dust and particles while tending to your garden or crops.
  • Cleaning and Sanding: Stay protected during cleaning and sanding tasks with ease.
  • Gardening and Mowing: Keep your respiratory system clear while working outdoors.
  • Fibreglass and Cement Products: Ensure safety when handling fibreglass and cement materials.


  • Easy to use: Simply wear the respirator over your nose and mouth for instant protection.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: The moulded design and polypropylene construction make these respirators comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • Peace of mind: Protect yourself from inhaling harmful dust and particles, promoting respiratory health and safety.

Please note:

 This product is not designed for use as protection against asbestos, silica or cotton dust, or any other toxic dusts, fumes, mists, gases, and vapours. Please note these masks are not certified to EN149 and are not classified as PPE. 


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