Koate One Coat Wood Oil Duo

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  • Eco-Friendly - 0% VOC's (No volatile organic compounds)
  • High coverage rate (40-50m2 per litre)
  • Provides vivid colour and lasting protection in a single coat
  • Easy to apply to all wood types
  • Designed for horizontal and vertical wood surfaces
  • No overlaps
  • Easy to maintain and care for surfaces after application 
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Koate One Coat Wood Oil Duo

One Coat Wood Oil is an innovative single coat system, designed to protect and embellish interior wood, Valchromat and MDF surfaces in one, time-saving coat.

Koate’s One Coat Wood Oil Duo is a two component, single layer hardwax oil. The oil is the product of a unique blend of natural oils and hard waxes, without the addition of harmful solvents. Giving you an environmentally friendly finish that enhances the natural look and feel of the wood.

The oil has been engineered to provide a harmonious balance of colour across the wood’s surface, so there are no signs of overlap. It uses ground-breaking technology that enables it to bond to almost any wood fibres, making it suitable for most wood types used in interior design.

One Coat Wood Oil has been designed with the user in mind. A typical 2-component product will harden unnervingly quickly, potentially causing a rushed application and a sub-par finish.  This oil is different, after the A and B components have been mixed it will not harden instantaneously, enabling you to reseal it. Meaning the product will be useable for days, if not weeks after initial mixing. Giving you the time to produce the optimum finish.

This has been to designed to work in harmony with Koate’s Colour Base, Creative Base and Koate’s Wood Varnish 2C. So you can customise your finishes and guard it against heavy traffic.

Please Note:  Our smaller sample bottles (20ml and 100ml) of One Coat Wood Oil (Part A) are not sold with the accelerator (Part B). These smaller sizes are often used to sample a multitude of different colours from the extensive colour range on offer, or for smaller projects where drying times are less important. The accelerator will not alter the colour or consistency of the finish, meaning the Part A can be used as a standalone product, without the accelerator, while still retaining the same look and feel of the duo finish. You can purchase a Part B  separately for your project if needed. 

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Product Used in Video: Lint-free Cotton Cloths and UniGLove Gloves




All sanded interior wooden substrates.


How do I Prepare The surface?

Wood surfaces

  1. Before application, the surfaces must be carefully prepared.  If the surface has been previously treated, all treatment must be removed completely.
  2. Sand the surface to be treated evenly with a P120-150 grit abrasive.
  3. Clean and remove all dust from the surface with a dusting brush.
  4. If using a pre-treatment product from the Creative Base or Colour Base range, apply now following application instructions. 

MDF and Similar Surfaces

  1. Sand the surface to be treated thoroughly and evenly using 150 grit abrasive or scotch pad.
  2. Remove rotary sanding marks with 180 grit abrasive.
  3. Remove dust with a soft brush i.e., paint brush or air hose.


* COLOUR BASE of CREATIVE BASE not suitable for MDF and similar surfaces.


How do I apply the product?

Wood surfaces

  1. Mix Part A and Part B, add 20% B component to A component.

Example: 1L of Part A + 200ml of Part B. 500ml of Part A + 100ml of Part B. 100ml Part A + 20ml of Part B

  1. Apply oil with scrubby pad or cotton cloth or floor/hand polisher with a white pad.  
  2. After 5 minutes remove excessive oil with cotton cloth.  All excess oil must be removed to ensure the product dries.
  3. Surface will be touch dry after 2-3 hours. Dry in 24 hours.


MDF & Similar Surfaces – 

  1. Mix Part A and Part B, add 20% B component to A component.


1L of Part A + 200ml of Part B

500ml of Part A + 100ml of Part B

100ml Part A + 20ml of Part B

  1. Apply with white scotch pad or hand polisher with a specially developed pad.  
  2. Add oil to pad, start in one corner working the oil into the MDF surface. 
  3. Add oil to wet surface and work to the rest of the surface.  Work wet to dry. 
  4. Excess oil can be removed with a soft sponge.  

Important information: Used rags and pads with oil can cause spontaneous combustion.  When certain oils are exposed to air it combines with oxygen molecules, the reaction creates heat which can cause the cloth to ignite. Used pads and rags should therefore be immersed in water after use.



What is the best way to look after my finish?

After drying (24 hours if there is sufficient ventilation), break the raised wood fibres with a floor polisher with red Pad. Vacuum and finish with a colour from the Koate One Coat Wood Oil, One Coat Door Oil, One Coat Worktop Oil or Wood Varnish 2C range.

What is the best way to store my product if unmixed?

Store in a dry area, frost-free and away from direct sunlight. In unopened original packaging the shelf life is at least 3 years at a temperature between 5 °C and 30 °C. Opened packaging: As the product reacts with air, its shelf life is limited.

Technical Information

No. of coats



40-50m2 per litre

Drying time

2 hour touch dry

24 hours dry

7 days fully cured


For more information please check the products data sheet.


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