SIA Abrasives

Sia Abrasives develop complete abrasive systems for the treatment of all surface types and abrasive applications. As a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality abrasives with more than 140 years of expertise, they offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of abrasive products incorporating solutions for the perfect finish.
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SIA 1960 siarexx 70 x 125mm Strips (No Hole)

    Price Range:£9.25 - £13.73

    SIA 1960 siarexx Ø 150mm (6 Hole) Discs

      Price Range:£18.80 - £29.26

      SIA 1960 siarexx Ø 125mm (8 Hole) Discs

        Price Range:£25.71 - £30.71

        SIA 1748 siarexx fine 230 x 280mm Paper Sheets

          Price Range:£16.49

          SIA 1960 siarexx 115mm x 50m Paper Roll

            Price Range:£29.95

            SIA 1948 siaflex 115mm x 25m siasoft Roll

              Price Range:£32.83

              SIA 1748 siarexx fine 115mm x 50m Paper Roll

                Price Range:£36.12

                sianet Abrasive Discs 150mm Series 7900 (Box 50)

                  Price Range:£23.24

                  SIA 1960 siarexx 230 x 280mm Paper Sheets (Pack of 50)

                    Price Range:£13.88 - £33.18
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