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Detergent designed for frequent cleaning of finished wooden sports floors.

Bona Sportive Cleaner is a concentrated slightly alkaline detergent specifically designed for frequent cleaning of finished wooden sports floors. It makes both normal daily cleaning and the cleaning of very dirty floors easy.

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  • Specifically designed for finished wooden sports floors
  • Slightly alkaline detergent
  • Easy to use 

Technical Information

Brand Bona

Concentrate: approx. 10

Diluted (0.5%): aprox. 8


Normal cleaning: 50ml (5 caps)/10 litres of water

Very dirty floors: 100ml (10 caps)/10 litres of water

Safety: Unclassified
Flash point: Non-flammable
Shelf life: At least 2 years from the date of production, in unopened original container.
Storage Store frost-free


Remove dust/grit etc using a vacuum cleaner, scissor mop or other dry cleaning method. 


Assess the condition of the floor and dilute the Bona Sportive Cleaner as required (for normal cleaning 50 ml / 10 litres of water, for very dirty floors 100 ml / 10 litres of water). Machine cleaning using either a scrubber/drier or a spray buff system is the most suitable method. Use a tan pad or similar. N.B. It is important that the amount of water used to clean the floor is kept to a minimum. 

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