Wooster Jumbo Koter Cirrus X Closed End 2 Pack

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  • Nap: 3/4" (Rough)
  • High production for rough surfaces
  • Green, double-thick polypropylene core resists water, solvents & cracking
  • Suitable for Wooster’s Sherlock rollers

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Wooster Jumbo Koter Cirrus Closed End 2 Pack

Designed to work with rough surface, Wooster Jumbo-Koter Cirrus X Mini Rollers feature a Polyamide yarn fabric designed for all flat, eggshell & satin paints.

Not only designed to work with a wide range of paints, the Wooster Jumbo-Koter Cirrus X roller soft sleeve is resilient, easy to load, and holds a lot of paint. They have been purposely designed with extra capacity and durability, making them great for applying base coats and finish coats on rough and even extra-rough surfaces. Available in a pack of 2, and suitable to work with both Sherlock and Jumbo Koter roller sleeves, these high-quality mini roller sleeves are perfect for achieving a fast and complete coverage.


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