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Osmo Dust Mop

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Osmo Dust Mop

Osmo Dust Mop, the perfect Osmo tool for collecting dust, animal hair and fluff.

The Osmo Dust Mop is used as a replacement for the Osmo Floor Cleaning Kit. This dust pad is a great for removing dust, lint, animal hair and fluff. As described, it’s the combination of a broom and a vacuum cleaner, requires less energy and saves the loud unnecessary noise of a vacuum.


  • Great to use on dry cleaning of wooden floors.
  • The combination of a broom with the technology of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Collects dust, animal hair and other surface particles.
  • Can be used to dry clean vinyl and laminate flooring.
  • A replacement dust mop which is used with the Osmo Floor Cleaning Kit.

Technical Information

Brand Osmo