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Osmo Dust Mop Head is designed for the Osmo Floor Cleaning Kit the effective dry cleaning of wood floors.

Osmo Dust Mop, the perfect Osmo tool for collecting dust, animal hair and fluff. Also suitable the cleaning of laminate and vinyl floors.

The Osmo Dust Mop is used as a replacement for the Osmo Floor Cleaning Kit. This dust pad is a great for removing dust, lint, animal hair and fluff. As described, it’s the combination of a broom and a vacuum cleaner, requires less energy and saves the loud unnecessary noise of a vacuum.


  • Great to use on dry cleaning of wooden floors.
  • The combination of a broom with the technology of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Collects dust, animal hair and other surface particles.
  • Can be used to dry clean vinyl and laminate flooring.
  • A replacement dust mop which is used with the Osmo Floor Cleaning Kit.

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