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The Osmo Red Hand SuperPad is a Heavyweight Pad For Osmo Wood Oils & Hardwax Oil Products.

Osmo Red Hand SuperPad, heavyweight pad designed for hardwax oils and general deep cleaning for the stubborn stains.

The Osmo Red Hand SuperPad is a heavyweight pad which is designed to benefit the application of Osmo wood oils and other hardwax oil products. As well as being perfect for hardwax applications, you can also use the heavyweight pad for general cleaning for tough stains and deep cleaning on wood.

The pad is designed to penetrate deep into the wooden surface and creates excellent distribution coverage whilst minimising oil wastage. Using a Osmo Red Hand SuperPad will allow your product to be evenly spread across your floor and allow you to use more of your product. The SuperPad measures up to around 95mm x 155mm.


  • Designed for rubbing in hardwax oils.
  • Can be used to clean deep stains and dirt.
  • Suitable for professional and DIY users.
  • Heavyweight SuperPad.

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Brand Osmo
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