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Osmo Double Bladed Scraper is specially designed for the professional application of Osmo oils.

Osmo Double Bladed Scraper is the ideal product which allows you to use alongside Osmo wood oils and other thin wood oil applications. 

The Osmo Double Blade Scraper is the ideal Osmo tool for the application of Osmo wood oils, and general thin wood oils. The scraper is designed to give you comfort with the ease of a double blade, allowing the user to apply with smooth consistent applications with every use.

If you are looking for a bladed scraper for professional use, we can recommend the Osmo Professional Scraper. Osmo Professional Scraper is the ideal tool manufactured to be tailored for professional users. Using this tool, you are able to apply any of the Osmo flooring oil range. The blade scraper is mounted on the end of a long handed pole, with its length, it saves the pain of people who suffer from lower back problems. The length of the pole creates swift and quick applications for the user, with its 500mm wide blade, you are able to cover a lot of surface area with ease. The Osmo Professional Scraper is the ideal product to use for freshly sanding flooring.


  • Ideal for long, flat and freshly sanded wooden surfaces.
  • Used for thin applications of Osmo wood oils and other related products.
  • Easy grip handling.
  • Smooth and consistent applications with every use.
  • Double bladed technology which prevents stain and discomfort on hands.

Technical Information

Brand Osmo
GTIN 4006850482566


One of the first steps in using the Osmo Double Bladed Scraper is to apply a small amount of oil onto the wood substrate. Spread the oil evenly across the wooden surface, simply following the grain of the wood.

It’s advised you follow the instructions of specific oils to understand the amount of oil to apply. The recommended amount of coats and the required drying times are something you may need to consider.

If you need, additional buffing could be applied to remove any excess that may be left on the surface with some products.


It’s highly recommended that you use Osmo Brush Cleaner & Thinner. This will benefit the condition of your Osmo Double Bladed Scraper and allow you to reuse the tool numerous of times.

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