Liberon Home ColourCare Decorative Floor Varnish

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Liberon Home ColourCare Decorative Floor Varnish

Liberon Home ColourCare Decorative Furniture Varnish

Ideal for decorating and protecting wooden and laminate floors.  Home ColourCare Decorative Floor Varnish creates a contemporary and innovative look that is resistant to high traffic and stains.

Liberon Home ColourCare Decorative Floor Varnish is the ideal product for decorating and providing high quality protection against general floor activities. You can use this product on laminate flooring, with qualities which give you the ease of not stripping the floor back to bare wood.

The formula has excellent adhesion with no stripping or undercoat required. The decorative finish holds modern contemporary elements allowing your floor to create innovative visuals to your interior design.

Home ColourCare Decorative Floor Varnish is strong, and resistant to general foot traffic and stains. You can apply this on varnished and pre-varnished wooden floors made from European or exotic species and laminates.


  • No undercoat required.
  • No stripping to bare wood required.
  • Available in 6 colours.
  • Water-based coloured varnish for interior wooden floors.
  • Can be used on surfaces with previous treatments and finishes.
  • Decorative colour finishing.
  • High quality durable protection.
  • Excellent for traffic areas.
  • Low VOC.

Technical Information

Coverage 1L - 16m²
Application Brush or roller
Drying Time 3 hours recoat, 12 hours fully dry

Please check the Safey Data sheet for ingredients.

MPN 117356, 117362, 117357, 117363, 117358, 117364, 117359, 117365, 117360, 117366, 117361, 117367


Product Information


With all interior based products that are going to be used on wooden surfaces must be given the correct preparation procedures to allow the product to flourish and give you the desired finish.

You must clean the surface thoroughly, free from any dirt, grease and general stains.

Allow the wood to fully dry before application.

On bare or new wooden floors:

If it is required to do so, fill in any gaps using Liberon Wood Filler. Available in 4 colours to help match the colour of your wood.

Sand the wood lightly using 120 grit abrasive paper. It’s important you remove any trace of sand dust that may have been left behind during the sanding procedure.

Painted or varnished wooden floors:

For previously painted or varnished wooden floors in satisfactory to good condition, should always wash, rinse and allow the surface to fully dry.

Lightly sand the surface using a 240 grit abrasive paper. Like any other sanding procedure, ensure you have removed all traces of sanding dust that may have been left on the surface.

If you find yourself with painted or vanished floors which is partially worn in certain areas, it should be sanded back to the bare wood, again removing any traces of dust.

Oiled and waxed wooden floors:

Remove any waxes that may have been left on the surface. We can recommend you use Liberon Wax & Polish remover. It can be applied without harming the original finish, with its unique formula, it should not raise the grain or lift veneers, making it suitable and easy to use for delicate wooden surfaces. It's important to understand that this product is not suitable to use on built up surfaces of wax or grime on top of water-based varnishes.

Mechanically sand twice, firstly using a 60 grit abrasive paper, then the second time using 120 grit abrasive paper. You carry out this process until you are able to see the bare wood come through. Remove any dust that may have been left behind.

For laminate flooring:

Wash, rinse and leave the area to dry, removing any dirt and grease on the surface.

Sand the surface lightly using a 240 grit abrasive paper and remove any dust.

It’s important to note that any grease or slightly film on the surface and stop the paint from adhering properly. Washing the surface is essential, use a super soap cleaner.

If you are planning on applying Liberon Home ColourCare Decorative Floor Varnish indoors, allow plenty of ventilation before application.

May produce an allergic reaction. Ensure you wear suitable clothing during the application process. Repeated exposure on skin may cause irritation, wash your hands immediately to prevent such cases.


Before carrying out any large scale area of your wooden floor, always test an area first. Doing so will allow you to clearly see the final results and potential outcome.

Please follow the manufacturing instructions stated on the tin at all times during the application. Cutting corners and not reading the information could result in your wooden floor not having the desired effect you were hoping to achieve.

The recommended application temperatures are between 12 - 25°C in dry conditions.

Ensure you stir the contents of the product thoroughly before and during the application process. It’s suggested you use a long, wide stirring stick. Would around the bottom of the tin to ensure the consistency of your finish and process.

You are able to apply Liberon Home ColourCare Decorative Floor Varnish using a reliable soft-bristle brush or a 3-5 mm short pile roller.

Apply the Home ColourCare Varnish in regular consistent criss-cross strokes and spread evenly. Ensure when it comes to the final coat, finish in the direction of the grain to allow the finish to take full effect.

Leave to dry for around 3 hours.

Apply the second coat of varnish and apply a third coat if necessary.

Allow up to 12 hours to fully dry.


Allow the product to take effect and take care when using the room in the first few days of application. For resistance and results, the finish will fully optimise after two weeks.

Do not allow this product to freeze.

If you are wanting to dispose the contents of the product, ensure you take the contain to a designated waste collection centre.

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):
117356, 117362, 117357, 117363, 117358, 117364, 117359, 117365, 117360, 117366, 117361, 117367


3282391042518, 3282391042570, 3282391042525, 3282391042587, 3282391042532, 3282391042594, 3282391042549, 3282391042600, 

3282391042556, 3282391042617, 3282391042563, 3282391042624

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