Liberon High Resistance Floor Varnish - 2.5L

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Liberon High Resistance Floor Varnish - 2.5L

Liberon High Resistance Varnish

AllFinishes presents to you Liberon. A traditional superior range of wood and surface finishes that have been preserving and protecting British floors since 1912. With high advanced technology, Liberon is unbeatable in quality and are optimised for durability, quick drying with the perfect finish.

Liberon High Resistance Varnish is a high quality varnish which is designed to ensure your wooden floors are protected at the highest standard. High Resistance Varnish holds qualities which fight against high traffic areas such as, dining rooms, lounge areas, hallways and kitchens.

Liberon High Resistance Varnish provides your wooden floor spaces with high quality protection against high traffic areas within your household. The product is particularly used in rooms that are in constant use. Liberon High Resistance Varnish is normally used in areas like hallways, lounge areas and general popular spaces throughout the interiors.

High resistance Varnish offers a strong durable and high quality finish within 24 hours. With a 2 coat application process, and 6-hour gap between coats. Due to its low odour formulations and its non-slip qualities, it is the ideal product to apply within your family home. Because of its fast drying times and high solvent based ingredients, it does contain high VOC’s so please apply this product with care.

It’s important to know that on some hardwoods, this product may cause the wood grain to raise and darken certain types of timber. Before applying the product, please check with your local timber supplier for further questions about applying this product to your wood.


  • High resistance to strong impact, like high heels.
  • Liquid and satin resistant.
  • High quality protection against wear and tear.
  • Ideal for hallways, stairs, dining rooms and lounge areas.
  • 2 coats applied, 6 hours between coats.
  • Dries to a strong durable non slip finish.
  • Low transmitting odours
  • High solvent content for wood interior flooring.

Technical Information

Brand Liberon
Coverage 10-12m² per litre
Application Brush or roller 
Drying Time Minimum of 12 hours
Coats 3 coats recommended
Storage Always store in dry conditions with the lid firmly shut. Keep out the way of children.
VOC 538 g/l, avoid smoking, eating and drinking in areas where the mixture is in process. Avoid inhaling vapours. Check out our Moldex range for high quality protection. 

Please check the Safey Data sheets for Clear for ingredients.

MPN 024554, 024553, 024555


Product Information

Satin Safety Data Sheet

Matt Safety Data Sheet


Its recommended that you shake the contents well and stir before use.

If require, sand the floor and areas you are going to apply the product. Remove all previous existing finishes that may be left on the surface. We recommend using Moldex FFP1 mask for sanding, to help protect you from dust which may cause damage.

Ensure the surface is clean from any dust and dirt.

You can use this product with either a brush or roller, depending on how you want to apply it and the overall coverage.

Before applying Liberon High Resistance Varnish, you can colour the wood by applying Liberon Palette Wood Dye to the timber before varnishing the surface. Liberon Palette wood dye is available to buy in a range of wood shades of your choice.

Its recommended that you always test the product on a spare patch of your wood for colour compatibility and end result.

Allow all wood dyes that you may have applied to dry for a minimum of 8 hours before applying Liberon High Resistance Varnish.

Apply High Resistance Varnish in well ventilated areas to ensure your safety when using this product.


Here at AllFinishes we take health and safety seriously and recommend you use the correct protection for the job. Disregarding safety equipment can be damaging and result in long term health conditions. Please check out our Moldex range for high quality respirators and hearing protection.


If you are facing sunlight when applying this product, its recommended by Liberon to apply the solution plank by plank. Start in the corner of the room, work back towards the door.

Ideal temperatures to use this product is between 12 and 25°C

Apply High Resistance Varnish evenly with a brush or a short hair roller.

Allow the solution to dry for a minimum of 6 hours between coats, before applying further layers. Lightly sand the wooden surfaces between each coat if required.

It’s recommended to apply 2-3 coats in total, depending on the traffic areas. More coats can be applied to ensure that you are provided with a maximum protected finish.

When applying the final coat of varnish, allow it to dry of 24 hours before using the floor.

If you are facing sunlight when applying this product, its recommended by Liberon to apply the solution plank by plank. Start in the corner of the room, work back towards the door.


If you spill anything on the surface, its recommended that you clean the area immediately.

For any general aftercare, wipe over the area with a damp mop or cloth, using a mild detergent if required to do so.

Overtime if you see that the surface shows signs of wear and tear, re-apply a coat or varnish or coat with Liberon Wood Floor Reviver.

Be careful not to spill this product on your skin with repeated exposure, as this may cause the skin to dry and crack, depending on how your skin reacts.

Keep out of the reach of children.

When disposing the product, do not empty into drains.

If consumed, do not induce to instant vomiting, its recommend you seek immediate medical advice. Show the container or label to your doctor.

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):
024554, 024553, 024555


3282390065457, 3282390065440, 3282390065464 

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