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Liberon Decking Oil

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Liberon Decking Oil, Protect, Enhance & Finish.

AllFinishes presents to you Liberon. A traditional superior range of wood and surface finishes that have been preserving and protecting British floors since 1912. With high advanced technology, Liberon is unbeatable in quality and are optimised for durability, quick drying with the perfect finish.

Liberon Decking Oil protects and enhances wood, bringing the beauty and originality back into old and new exterior timber decking spaces. The solution is strong, and highly water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the typical British weathers.

Liberon Decking Oil is the must have product for looking after your exterior decking. The oil formulation is designed to feed the wood by protecting and enhancing the natural grains and beauty of most types of timber decking spaces. Liberon Decking Oil is commonly used to restore and rejuvenate the colours and tones to aged and new decking. It’s best suited for woods that may look weathered and look grey in some areas. This product is not limited to just decking, the oil can also be used on garden sheds, benches, gates, fences and even hot tubs wooden surrounding panels.

The properties within the oil solution contains UV elements which helps reduce, and protect your wood from discolouration and fading from the sun while still allowing the finish to remain prominent.

Before applying Liberon Decking Oil, it’s important to ensure the surface is clean from any dirt, grease and other natural materials. Dry the area and make sure there is no previous finishes and dust on the surface. It’s recommended you apply the oil in dry conditions, not in extreme heats or in rain, this will allow the decking oil to take effect giving you the best results. Regular clear decking oils enhance the natural grain and colour of the wood, add character and personality.

Old decking which may have varnishes, paints and stains present, must be removed first by stripping back the wood. If you’re sanding, it’s recommended to use 120-150 grit size and remove all excess dust before applying your decking oil.

It’s important to understand the different types of timber for decking, like Douglas Fir, Larch and Bangkirai etc. Before applying the oil, the timber requires a period of weathering. If you are unsure, check with the timber supplier and get the correct manufacturing guidance, on how to apply Liberon Decking Oil to your decking without any mishaps.

To use the Decking Oil on softwoods, stir the solution well before each use. Apply the oil with a healthy amount on your brush, or roller and give the decking a generous coat. Before giving the area a second coat, allow the oil to penetrate the wood between 15 to 30 minutes. Allow more coats to be applied to the surface area and repeat the process till the wood can no longer absorb any more oil. Wipe off any excess oil with a lint-free cotton cloth, check out our Rubio Monocoat lint-free cloths. Allow the area to dry for 24 to 48 hours before using the decking, this will give you the protection and finish you’re looking for.

To use the Decking Oil on hardwoods, it’s important to wipe on the oil with very thin coats by using a lint-free cloth. It is essential that any oil that has not been absorbed into the timber is wiped off thoroughly with a clean lint-free cloth. In the occasion of any new hardwoods installed, it is recommended to leave the wood exposed for up to 12 months before the application of any finish. This process allows the grains in the wood to expose themselves to the natural elements, allowing the wood to open up and breathe. For a high quality finish on hardwoods, Liberon recommend using their Aqua-Stop® Tough Deck Finish.

Oil finishes bring out the natural colours of timber. A wet surface will be the indication of the final colour. Its recommended to always test the product on a spare surface area for the colour to give you the idea of how the application is going to react to the wood.

Always wear suitable clothing when applying Liberon Decking Oil, Protective gloves and old clothes. Store the oil in spaces with the temperature above 5°C. Always replace the lid after intense uses, otherwise the oil can cause deterioration and can become difficult to open.

Liberon Decking Oil can be applied using a brush and roller. The size oil from a 1 Litre on average can cover up to 8-10m2. The drying time between each coating is around 15 – 30 minutes each time, with the total of 24-48 hours drying time.


  • Contains UV elements to benefit the prevention of sunlight fading
  • Can be applied using brush, rollers and sprays
  • Suitable for fences, hot tubs surroundings, gates, garden sheds etc.
  • High VOC, suitable clothing required.
  • Strong, highly durable and water resistant
  • Restores weathering and greying of wood
  • Revives the natural beauty of decking timbers

Technical Information

Brand Liberon
Coverage 10m² per litre
Application Brush, roller and spray
Drying Time Touch dry in 24 - 48 hours
Coats 2 coats recommended
Storage Always store in dry conditions with the lid firmly shut. Keep out the way of children.
VOC 600 g/l, avoid smoking, eating and drinking in areas where the mixture is in process. Avoid inhaling vapours. 

Please check the Safey Data sheets for Clear, Medium Oak and Teak for ingredients.

MPN 003796, 003795, 003793, 003791, 069956, 069955


Product Information

Clear Safety Data Sheet 

Medium Oak Safety Data Sheet

Teak Safety Data Sheet


Before applying Liberon Decking Oil, always ensure that the decking timber is clean from any grease, and general dirt. Making these preparations will secure the final results in place.

Any previous varnishes, paints and wood stains must be removed from the decking by stripping back the wood.

If sanding is required, it’s recommended to use 120-150 grit sized abrasives, remove all traces of dust that may have remained.

Last step, sweep the decking with a strong stiff broom or brush to ensure that all of the surface area is free from any dirt and debris before applying the oil.

Decking can be made from oily timbers or different wood species, if you are unsure about applying Liberon Decking oil, check with the decking supplier for guidance. Check for how long decking should be exposed to weather before the oil application process.


Here at AllFinishes we take health and safety seriously and recommend you use the correct protection for the job. Disregarding safety equipment can be damaging and result in long term health conditions. Please check out our Moldex range for high quality respirators and hearing protection.


Before starting your oiling endeavours, always do a test section of the wood to assess and analyse the finish and reaction to your wood.

Always follow the manufacturing guidelines of the product and wood.

 For softwood decking,

  • Stir the mixture well before applying and from time to time during the oiling process.
  • You want to apply a healthy amount of Liberon Decking Oil, for the best results it’s recommended you use a high quality brush or roller you can trust.
  • Allow the oil penetrate and marry the wood for roughly 15-30 minutes between each coat. It’s important to apply your second coat within the time suggested, even if the decking is still actively wet from the application.
  • It’s recommended to apply two coats, but apply more coats to the decking until the timber can no longer absorb and take the oil.
  • Remove any access oil with the lint-free cloth, check out our Rubio Monocoat Lint-Free Cloths.
  • Allow the decking to dry between 24-48 hours.


For hardwood decking,

  • For the best outcome of the oiling, apply and work in the oil thinly using a lint-free cloth.
  • It’s very important that any excess oil that may have been left on the surface is wiped off thoroughly with a clean cloth.
  • The specie and the age of the wood can determine the impact and effect of how the oil behaves. It may need less or more oil. New hardwoods can hold a lot natural oils and this can determine the amount of Liberon Decking Oil to use.


On high traffic areas, re-apply the oil with 1 – 2 coats when required to do so.

Preserving the look is always important to take note of when taking care of anything around your home. It’s recommended that the decking areas are swept regularly as dirt can eventually take hold of the decking, due to natural organic elements if not removed from time to time.

It’s recommended to apply the Decking Oil once annually with 1 – 2 coats applied. This is just to allow your decking areas to withhold the fresh design.

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):
003796, 003795, 003793, 003791, 069956, 069955


3282390046951, 3282390046944, 3282390046937, 3282390046920, 3282390090190, 3282390090206