• Excellent durability in areas of high-volume foot traffic
  • Easy to apply on large surfaces
  • Fully dry in only 12 hours
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For use with Bona Traffic HD

Finish with excellent durability and reliable performance on wooden floors in highly trafficked public locations. Easy to apply on large surfaces, hardwearing and easy to maintain. 

Bona Traffic HD is the world’s toughest and fastest drying lacquer for wooden floors exposed to extreme wear, allowing full traffic to be resumed in just 12 hours. Bona Traffic HD must be used with its second component - Bona Traffic HD Hardener.

This page is to buy the hardener alone as a single pack. To buy both together visit Bona Traffic HD.

Bona Traffic HD is blended with the purest raw materials and is manufactured in Sweden. It's an ideal choice for shops and public locations where minimal downtime is important and the highest possible durability is required. Its low emissions and low odour make it possible to use without vacating the adjacent areas and ensures there is no lingering smell. 

What applications is Bona Traffic HD most suitable for?

Bona Traffic HD is ideal for interior floor surfaces such as solid wood like Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Acacia, Ash and Walnut; and engineered wood such as Oak, Ash and Walnut. It will dry to a non-yellowing, hard wearing finish. Can be used to protect untreated wood as well as prefinished parquet. 

The hardener must be shaken vigorously for one minute - once mixed the product will be viable for 5 hours. If small quantities are to be mixed, the Traffic HD container must be shaken before decanting product from it


Hardener Safety Data Sheet (131kb PDF)

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