Sianet Abrasivs Discs 125mm - Series 7900

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Sianet Abrasivs Discs 125mm - Series 7900

Minimal clogging with these net backed abrasive discs.

Quantities of 50x discs per box. Made from a knitted fabric, this excellent net abrasive uses a Blue Fired Aluminium Oxide grain with electrostatic coating to optimise the dust extraction process. Effectively uses its full surface for a completely dust free environment. The reliable, controlled cut results in a very efficient and productive finish.  Amazing results, ensuring even wear and long-life in a variety of applications. Ideal for sanding down coatings and impurities for an even finish. 

Also available in 150mm discs


  • Long Lasting
  • Full-surface dust extraction
  • High removal rate without clogging
  • A very efficient and productive finish
  • High tear resistance
  • Highly flexible
  • Optimum dust extraction

Technical Information


Acrylic lacquer, Old lacquer, Primer filler, Primer coat, Hardwood, Resinous wood, Plaster, Plasterboard, Priming foil, HDF board

Bonding Agent Resin over resin
Grain Blue-fired aluminium oxide/white aluminium oxide
Coating Closed
Backing Knitted fabric


Here at AllFinishes we take health and safety seriously and recommend you use the correct protection for the job. Disregarding safety equipment can be damaging and result in long term health conditions. Please check out our Moldex range for high quality respirators and hearing protection.

Compatible Machinery

AEG Models

EXE 460 - 150, ROS 150 E, EX 150 E

Atlas Models

ROS 150 E, LST 21 R625, LST 21, R650, LST 22 R625, LST 22 R650, LST31 H90-15, LST31 S90-15, LST32 H090-15, LST32, S090-15, LST 22 R625-9, G2438-6.5N Pro, G2438-6.5I Pro, G2438-6.3I Pro, G2438-6.10I Pro, G2438-6.5C Pro, G2438-6.3N Pro, G2438-6.3C Pro, G2438-6.10N Pro, G2438-6.10C, Pro, G2438-10Velcro6 Pro, LST 22, R650-9

Bosch Models

PEX 15 AE, GEX 150 AE, GEX 150, AC/E, GEX 150 Turbo, PEX 420 AE

DeWalt Models

ES 56 E, ES 56 EK, DW443, D 26410

Fein Models

X 1107 VE

Felisatti Models

TP 521/AS, TP 521/E, TP 522 AS/CE, RGF 150/600 E

Flex Models

X 1107 VE, XS 1107 VE

Hilti Models

WFE 150, WFE 380, WFE 450 E

Hitachi Models

SAY 150 A

Kres Models

900 MPS, 900 HEX /2

Mafel Models

UT 150 E, UX 150 E

Metabo Models

SX E 425 XL, SX E 450 Duo, SXE 450 TURBOTEC,

Milwaukee Models

ROS 150 E, PRX 150 E

Pro Tool Models

ESP 150 E

Stayer Models

RO 150 E, LRT 150

Wegoma Models

RX 91 C, RT188N, RTE46L, RTE146L

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