Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is the only single coat application oil on the market. The warm, rich effect will transform your interior into a luxury, elegant and idyllic setting. The Oil is available in 40 beautiful, contemporary colours and best of all, it is completely VOC free.


Is Oil Plus 2C suitable for MDF?

Yes, Oil Plus 2C is suitable for all types of wood, including solid wood, veneer and MDF.

Is Oil Plus 2C food safe?

Food safe implies the product can be ingested which we do not recommend, however wood surfaces where food is prepared can definitely be finished with the oil - as per Toy standard EN 71-3. This includes kitchen worktops and tabletops. 

Is Oil Plus 2C suitable for chopping boards?

Whilst the oil is safe for use around food preparation, we do not recommend applying the oil to chopping boards as the oil does not penetrate the wood as far as the knife will. This will result in unwanted bacteria growth. However, we do recommend for use on serving boards.