Osmo Excels at Oxford

Find out why Brasenose College in Oxford chose Osmo Polyx Oil Satin 3032 for their desk tops - a beautiful protective wood finish that stops wear and tear over time. 

osmo polyx oil 3032 on oxford desk tops

When Brasenose College extended its student library into the old cloisters and required a hardwearing wood finish for the tops of the new desks, they turned to Osmo UK to provide a product that would protect and preserve the wooden surfaces.

Situated in the heart of Oxford, Brasenose College overlooks Radcliffe Square and is a short walk from the University departments and libraries, as well as shops, pubs, cafes and markets. The Brasenose Library is central to the college and holds more than 60,000 books and periodicals. With a steady stream of students using these facilities every day, the new desk tops have to be hard wearing in order not to deteriorate and become damaged over time. The college contracted professional cabinet maker, David Haddock to create the extended library and stipulated that the new desk tops be protected with Osmo Polyx 3032, a premium wood finish that is guaranteed to keep wooden surfaces in top condition. 'The Osmo finish was extremely easy to apply' explains David. 'Polyx Oil is specially designed to maintain and protect wooden surfaces against everyday wear and tear - something that was of key importance on this project.'

Ideal for solid, engineered or laminate wood, Polyx Oil is a high quality, water-repellent and tread-resistant wood finish based on natural ingredients. Available in a glossy, satin, semi-matt and matt finishes, the Polyx Oil range offers the highest coverage of any oil on the market - a 2.5L tin can cover approximately 30m² with two coats.

Polyx Oil is extremely easy to apply. Simply brush onto the woods surface along the grain to achieve deep, long-lasting penetration. Another key benefit of this hardwax-oil is that Polyx Oil uses a dearomatized and benzene free white spirit, therefore makng the odour more pleasant in comparison to others. This makes Polyx Oil a much healthier wood care product to use. Polyx Oil also contains no biocides or preservatives and is safe for humans, animals and plants when dry.