Introducing Renner's Vintage Prestige Furniture Paint

Furniture restoration using Vintage Prestige

Renner's Rio Verde Vintage Prestige is our signature choice of Acrylic furniture paint for your home and garden. Create unique shabby chic styles by combining colours, or simply use a single colour for a clean and contemporary look. With 10 carefully curated colours to choose from, you can make your space truly unique to you. Bring a touch of Italian quality to your furniture and revamp your decór. Scroll down for some colour inspiration.


Vintage Prestige Aniseed

Add a tranquil moment of bliss to your decór with a hint of Vintage Prestige Aniseed. Apply a complementing Vintage Prestige base colour and finish off your Patina designs with a pinch of Aniseed spice. The striking powder-blue finish features tropical teal undertones and sea-swept accents. In the Mediterranean, the seed of the Anise is frequently used for cooking and its medicinal properties. Mix with contrasting colours to transform your home into a magical abode of paradise. 


Contemporary Coconut style

The irresistibly sweet Coconut colour is a fresh, clean and versatile white. The pure and neutral tone makes it the perfect contrasting base coat for all other Vintage Prestige colours. Create an array of textures and finishes, from shabby chic romantic to a stylish stripped effect. 


Cherry Vintage Prestige

The rich Morello Cherry Jam colour will bring personality and charm to your furniture. Dark alluring accents deliciously blended with ripe and sweet undertones for the ultimate style statement. Mix contrasting colours to accentuate the light hues of your project. 



Vintage Prestige is the perfect choice of paint for your garden furniture. We recommend a base coat of Hazel with a pinch of Truffle for a delectable duo of colour. The delicate earthy undertones intertwined with rich cocoa hues will complement any garden colour scheme. The classic nut-brown is a timeless choice. 



Create blissfully soothing designs for your surfaces with Juniper. This raw finish derives inspiration from the precious Juniper Tree and features a blend of dark blue undertones with organic mineral blue accents. The calming finish will add a therapeutic touch to your décor. 



Use Marzipan as a base colour or a standalone finish. The calm neutral tones of mid-grey resemble crushed almonds and makes for an inviting finish. Marzipan is crisp, clean and contemporary.



Create irresistible designs using Milkshake. Subtle hints of light milkshake froth blended with deliciously thick and creamy strawberry accents. The mouth-watering juicy berry effect will give your project a sweet and luxurious finish. Mix contrasting colours to leave your surfaces with a unique and contemporary style every time.

Mint Green

Mint Green Vintage Prestige

Fresh hints of crushed mint leaf blended with evergreen undertones - this crisp emerald colour is the perfect base coat to complement your décor. Mix contrasting colours to create truly unique colour effects.


Truffle Vintage Prestige

Pair Truffle with another Vintage Prestige colour to indulge your furniture in mouth-watering creamy cocoa undertones. Blended with smooth rich accents, this succulent finish will breathe some life into your décor. Perfect for embracing stronger colours, or contrast with soft colours for a charmingly modest look.



Vanilla is a smooth creamy tint of off-white featuring weak lemon hues. Create a clean, crisp and refreshing finish when used as a single colour design, or mix with contrasting colours to effortlessly transform your furniture.