Bring a touch of golden metallic Italian style to your interior

Golden metallic effect furniture

Metallic finishes are glamorous, sophisticated and versatile - the heart of interior design. With pops of gold now starting to trend, we are making moves to bronze, brass and metallic tones for added warmth. With Renner's new furniture paint, you can leave beautiful golden metallic effects on your surfaces for that luxury feel. You can easily incorporate gold finishes throughout your home, from your living space right through to your kitchen. A classic metallic finish is timeless with high staying power, and these stunning golden shades will forever stay fresh and current in your home.

Venusian Clouds

Cloud effect

Sparkling Cement Effect

Spread two Vintage prestige colours around the surface. Dab the paint with a brush. Let it dry off. Use a plastic brush to spread further, rubbing with care in all directions until the drying is complete. 

Brown Gold, Marzipan and Coconut Cloud Effect

Coconut, Marzipan and Brown Gold

Chocolate brown with deep gold metallics will bring a nice warm ambience to your decór. Combine with Coconut and Marzipan for a luscious three-tone effect that radiates charm and vibrancy.

Yellow Gold Cloud effects

Coconut, Marzipan and Yellow Gold

Combine Coconut, Marzipan and Yellow Gold for a cooler touch of authentic Italian charm. This refined rawness look is perfect for use in minimalist schemes.

Pink Gold Cloud effects

Coconut, Marzipan and Pink Gold

The dark blush tones flow through this three-tone effect beautifully. Warm, inviting, and complimentary in natural interiors.

Pink Gold Cloud effects

Coconut, Marzipan and White Gold

The soft creamy hues are divine and distinctive, creating rich effects throughout. Ideal for creating a full-out lustre.

Black Gold Cloud effect

Coconut, Marzipan and Black Gold

A charming ensemble of contrasting tones blended into a contemporary metallic aesthetic.

Golden prestige effects


Moonland effects

Metal Hypermetric Effect

Spread a large coat of Golden Prestige. Apply the paint using a putty knife and at the same time expose it to a hot air jet. Let it dry off. Apply a coat of contrasting colour on the surface. Remove immediately with a cloth.

Brown Gold Moon effect

Brown Gold

Beautiful texures with an unlimited amount of creative possibilities.

Yellow Gold Moon effect

Yellow Gold

Highly unique golden yellow metallic look for your surfaces. New vintage urban romantic effects.

Pink Gold Moon effect

Pink Gold

Transform your space into a contemporary jewel.

White Gold Moon effects

White Gold

Heavenly white tones flowing throughout your interior. Create smart and stylish accents in a dark colour scheme for some added contrast. Turn your space into a style lair. 

Black Gold Moon effect

Black Gold

The black metallic shades of the precious metal will turn every piece of furniture into a unique luxury piece. 

Lifestyle luxury interiors

Martian Droplets

Martian Droplets lifestyle

Stripped Metal Effect

Spread a coat of one Vintage Prestige colour. Apply a generous second coat of the same colour. Comb the coating with a plastic brush whilst exposing it to a hot air jet. Let it dry off. Spread a coat of a Golden Prestige contrasting colour on the surface. Remove immediately the product by means of a cloth. Let it dry off. Sand with fine grit sandpaper to let the base colour emerge.

Droplet effect Brown Gold

Coconut and Brown Gold

Coconut Yellow Gold Droplets

Coconut and Yellow Gold

Pink Gold droplets

Coconut and Pink Gold

White Gold Droplets

Coconut and White Gold

Black Gold with Coconut

Black Gold and Coconut

Create a luxury droplet effect by using Coconut and Black Gold on your surfaces. Ideal for a slick modern aesthetic with a unique touch.

Lifestyle droplet image