Bona Soap

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Bona Soap

Cleaner developed for wooden floors treated with Bona oils.

Bona Soap is a slightly alkaline cleaner specifically developed for wooden floors treated with Bona oils. It includes additives designed to nourish the surface and replace the material removed during the cleaning process.


  • Specifically designed for oiled wooden floors
  • Suitable for both homes and commercial buildings
  • Restores some grease to the surface
  • Easy to use 

Technical Information

Brand Bona
pH-value: 9-10 when diluted with water
Density: 1.1kg/dm³
Safety: Unclassified
Flash point: Non-flammable
Shelf life: At least 5 years, from the date of production, in unopened original container
Storage Store frost-free


Product Information

Safety Data Sheet


Remove loose dust/grit etc using a vacuum cleaner, scissor mop or other dry cleaning method. Shake the container well and dissolve 0.2 litre Bona Oil Cleaner in 10 litres of water. 


Clean along the grain using a well wrung-out cloth, mop or similar. For very dirty floors the use of a buffing machine with a green pad is recommended.

n.b. It is important that the amount of water used to clean the floor is kept to a minimum. If a glossier surface is required, the floor can be dry buffed. The best results are obtained using a buffing machine (300 revs/minute) and a red or white pad. 

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