How to protect your garden fences, windows, doors and cladding with Osmo UV Protection Oil 420 Extra

Osmo UV Protection Oil 420 Extra tin

Spring has almost sprung and sunnier days are on the horizon. Now is the time to prepare your exterior wooden structures, so they are ready to withstand damage from the sun.

Osmo UV Protection Oil 420 Extra is ideal for use on exterior timber, including fences, cladding, pergolas, summer houses, sheds, exterior windows & doors, and furniture, making this the perfect solution.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast looking to enhance and protect your garden or a tradesperson completing larger scale exterior projects for your clients, we’ve got you covered. Keeping your garden has never been easier.

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What are the Benefits of Osmo UV Protection Oil?

All exterior woods are vulnerable to damage as they are exposed to the elements all year round. As a result of this weathering, the wood turns grey over time and structural changes can occur, including shrinkage and potential buckling. In order to prolong the life of your exterior wood, it is essential to provide proper protection against these harmful effects.

Osmo UV Protection Oil is specifically designed to provide strong resistance against damaging UV-rays from the sun whilst preserving the quality of the wood in severe weather conditions, especially for your vertical woodwork. Its beautiful clear satin finish enhances the natural character of the wood and is ideal for the protection and improvement of fences, cladding, trellises and exterior doors/windows.

The Osmo 420 Extra contains biocides, offering much stronger protection against algae, mildew, and fungal attack compared to the Osmo 410, their ecologically friendly option. Moreover, when using Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra 420, the natural greying process is slowed by up to 12 times compared to untreated wood. This easy to apply wood oil will keep your exterior wood looking beautiful for years to come with straightforward application to maintain and patch repair.

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Key Features

  • Water and dirt-resistant
  • Available with or without film protection
  • Can be used on top of previously stained wood
  • Extends intervals of renovation significantly
  • Single product application
  • Delays the greying process of wood caused by UV light
  • Combats discoloration of wood

Adding colour to your garden

Colour can completely transform a space and exterior spaces are by no means an exception. Adding a splash of colour to your garden can add charm and character to your space no matter how small or large. That’s why Osmo UV Protection Oil is so great. This versatile oil can be used as a topcoat for Osmo Country Colour, an opaque exterior wood paint which is available in 19 beautiful colours.

Use Country colour as a basecoat to add simple elegance to your exterior wooden structures and furniture. This paint-like oil hides the natural colour and grain of the wood, adding a depth of rich colour whilst respecting the natural feel and texture of the wood. The UV Protection Oil topcoat can then be applied, providing you optimum UV protection and the ultimate colour versatility.

Keep your garden looking beautiful and the envy of your neighbours! With amazing coverage and natural enhancement of the wood's character, you can count on Osmo UV Protection Oil to beautify and protect your vertical wooden structures and furniture.

Osmo are a leading manufacturer of modern wood finishes and products in the UK. As an authorised distributor, we offer a huge range of Osmo wood coatings and equipment, including their popular Polyx®-Oil range. See the full Osmo range here.

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