Wooster Cirrus X Roller - 1" Nap

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Wooster Cirrus X 9" Roller is soft, easy to load and ensures quicker productivity.

The Wooster 9" Cirrus X 1" Nap - Extra Long Pile features polyamide yarn fabric. It is soft, easy to load and will hold a generous amount of paint for quicker productivity. The green double-thick polypropylene core helps to resist water, solvents and cracking. With extra durability and capacity, the Wooster 9" Cirrus X Roller is ideal for the application of base and finishing coats on tough and extra rough surfaces, such as masonry and brick. 

Areas of Use

We recommend using the 9" with the Wooster Sherlock Frame 9", but it can be used with any standard 9" frame. The sleeve can be used for the application of paint types including flat, eggshell and satin to ensure complete coverage with reduced splatter.

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