Wagner FinishControl 3500 Spraypack

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Wagner FinishControl 3500 Spraypack

FinishControl 3500 Spraypack - The Handheld XVLP Device

The Wagner FinishControl 3500 Spraypack is impeccable for the smaller projects, repairs and touch ups where a controlled finish is required. This is the ideal Turbine model where excellence, functionality and price-performance. Extra Volume Low Pressure (XVLP) spraying works with a 60% higher volume of air, at a low air pressure than other low pressure devices. Creates low paint mist formation and the reduces the amount of material needed. Achieves an economical and professional-quality finish. Suitable for use with Waterbased Paints, Stains, Varnishes and Lacquers.

Facades, Walls, Furniture, Doors, Steel Structures, Car Wheel Trims and Radiators – there are hardly any objects which cannot be surface finished with a high level quality finish. Clearly along with function, durability and attractiveness, the surface of an object is its definition. WAGNER can help with high quality professional equipment which is both time saving and cost effective.

The Wagner FinishControl 3500 Spraypack is the ideal XVLP Turbine Sprayer for Painters and Plasterers. Ideal for all interior and exterior applications, for a wide range of surfaces, walls, ceiling radiators and door frames. Powerful screw pumps for heavy aggregated material.

Low-pressure spraying (HVLP/XVLP) with a Turbine sprayer uses a high volume of air and low air pressure (up to 0.07 MPa). The atomised air generated in the turbine flows through an air hose to the paint cup at the spray gun, where it then builds up pressure. This delivers the coating material through the standpipe to the nozzle and atomises the remaining air.

With the Fine Spray method, the material is completely atomised at the outlet of the nozzle. The low pressure of the material with the high volume of air ensures slightly larger material droplets and therefore less spray mist.


  • Always available: As the smallest in its class, it is available on every construction site
  • The practical shoulder strap makes it easy to transport
  • Flexible: Ideal for renovation and repair work and projects of up to 50 meters square
  • Everything included: The practical carry case provides enough space for transporting the device and two filled spray attachments in an upright position.
  • Not suitable for use in potentially explosive atmosphere

Technical Information

Brand Wagner
Spray Method XVLP. Low-pressure spraying uses a high volume of air and low air pressure (up to 0.07 bar).
Technology Turbine. This delivers the coating material through the  standpipe to the nozzle and atomises the remaining air.
Weight 2.3 kg
Motor Output 0.7 kW
Drive Electric. Simply connect to the hose and you‘re ready.
Voltage 110 v / 60 Hz or 230 v / 50 Hz
Max Operating Pressure 0.2 Bar


Here at AllFinishes we take health and safety seriously and recommend you use the correct protection for the job. Disregarding safety equipment can be damaging and result in long term health conditions. Please check out our Moldex range for high quality respirators and hearing protection.

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