Tesa® 4368 Easy Cover 2-in-1 Masking Film

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The practical all-in-1 solution for taping and masking

Tesa 4368 Masking Film is the everyday 2-in-1 solution you can shield your environments speedily and securely in only one working step. Protect even large areas in no time – furniture, floors or walls – thanks to the straightforward control of the combined formats.

Tesa 4368 2 in 1 Masking Film is designed to make it easy to tape and mask your surfaces before painting or spraying interior jobs whether a D.I.Y. enthusiast or professional.

With the masking film of tesa Easy Cover® Universal (incl. tesa® 4316 premium masking tape) you will save both time and effort. The practical 2-in-1 solution can help you protect your surroundings quickly and safely in one working step. It is available in two sizes in order to make it easy to suitably cover your surroundings.

Cover up even large surfaces in no time – furniture, floors or walls – thanks to the straightforward handling of the different formats. With tesa Easy Cover® Universal, you are well equipped to pave the way for outstanding painting work that will impress.


  • Indoor masking
  • The 2-in-1 solution for masking off and protecting large areas
  • Clean edges to paint and lacquer
  • For smooth and slightly textured surfaces
  • For painting tasks and spray techniques

Technical Information:

Backing Material Slightly Creped Paper
Total Thickness 140 µm
Thickness of masking coverage 10 µm
Type of adhesive Natural Rubber
Elongation at break 10%
Tensile strength 38 N/cm
UV-resistance 1 weeks
Material of masking coverage HDPE


When painting it is important to pick the correct type of tape and covering for the type of painting job you are undertaking in order to correctly protect or not damage any paintwork, fixtures or furniture. When you want to protect areas from paint use masking tape and suitable sized sheeting.


To mask a Hanging Light fixture put a plastic bag over it and secure it to the cord with masking tape. Large furniture in the center of the room such as Dining Furniture, Televisions, Sofas, Coffee Tables etc can be draped with masking film. To mask off one surface from another, run a band of 2-inch-wide painter’s tape along the edge of the surface that won’t be painted. At the baseboard of the wall put the tape along the upper edge to form a barrier to catch paint drips. Cover trim with Precision Masking Tape. If you are painting an entire room or a carpeted area, consider covering the floor with plastic sheeting, which is far more durable and will absorb paint splatters. Cover hinges and other hard-to-remove hardware with masking tape. Unscrew or remove other types of hardware. If the existing hardware is coated with old paint, consider dropping it into a container filled with paint remover Mask window glass with painter’s or masking tape. Leave about small gap between the tape and each glazing bar so the paint will seal the joint between the wood and glass. Remove the masking sheet when the paint is tacky but not entirely dry.


Tapes are easy to remove and are used to protect surfaces temporarily while painting. Unless otherwise stated, most tapes are not conventionally recyclable. Read the packaging label on your masking tape. If you see a recycle symbol or other statement on the packaging, dispose of the tape in your usual recycling container. Dispose of small amounts of masking tape in your regular recycle bin. The masking tape will not be recycled, but it is easily separated from the other products. Separate the masking tape from the paper roll that holds it. The roll is recyclable in your regular bin.

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