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Soft Hair French Polishing Mops

Soft Hair French Polishing Mops, Designed For Traditional French Polishing Applications.

Soft Hair French Polishing Mops, is especially designed with soft natural rounded bristles which is the perfect Liberon accessory for the application of French Polishes. 

Liberon Soft Hair French Polishing Mops are manufactured from a mix of natural soft hair bristles which allow the polish to flow with consistency without having to run out.

Their round head design allows the bristles to spread when pressure is applied. This makes them ideal for the applying multiple layers of French Polish with speed. The smaller option is great to use for the smaller parts of wooden furniture, chairs and tables etc. The large size is ideal for larger surface areas such as table tops.

The set come in 6 different sizes, the dimensions are measured at the point where the bristles leave the handle sleeve. The diameter of the effective brushing width will roughly double in size.

The available sizes are:

No.4 // 10mm

No.6 // 12mm

No.8 // 15mm

No.10 // 18mm

No.12 // 23mm

No.14 // 27mm


  • Ideal for the application of French Polish.
  • Recommended substitute for squirrel mops.
  • Blended mix of natural soft hair bristles.

Technical Information

Brand Liberon
Type French Polishing
Material Natural soft hair bristles.
Brush Style Round Head
Sizes 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 23mm, 27mm
Cleanup Thoroughly clean directly after using Water for water based paint or White Spirit for oil based paints
Storage Ideally keep in a resealable plastic bag to prevent bristles from drying out

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