Sikkens Rubbol WP 194 Deluge White Primer

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Sikkens Rubbol WP 194 dipping or flow-coating primer for exterior joinery

Sikkens Rubbol WP 194 is a waterborne, white dipping and flow-coating primer for Exterior and Interior Wooden components such as Front Doors and Windows made with problematic wood species such as Larch, Pine and Hardwood. Primers are the connection between wooden surfaces and coatings. Their composition influences way the final coats perform, so it's vitally important to choose the correct primer for the job you are doing.

Sikkens Rubbol WP 194 is a deluge (dipping, flow-coating) white waterborne acrylic/alkyd primer and mid coat with isolating properties for constructions made with discolouring wood types like Pine, Larch and Accoya.

This white isolating base coat for interior and exterior wooden components is easy to sand and reduces discolouration from knots and resinous areas.It has good run-off properties, wood moisture regulation, good pore wetting and high filling and isolating properties.

It can be deluged using a dipping tank or flow coater onto a variety of stable wooden components like Windows, Outer Doors, Conservatories and semi-stable wooden components like Rafters, Gates, Shutters and Posts.


  • Good run off properties
  • Wood moisture regulating
  • Good pore wetting
  • High filling properties

Technical Information

Brand Sikkens
Coverage 6-20 m²/Litre Depending on application method, type and absorption of timber.
Application Dipping, Flow-coat.
Drying Time Touch dry in 30 minutes, dry to handle in 4-6 hours @ 23°C.
Coats 2 Coats as part of a system.
Cleanup Clean with water immediately after use and, if required, add some commercially available washing-up liquid or ST 830.
Storage 2 Year if can kept dry and firmly shut.
VOC 25g/l
Ingredients Acrylic/Alkyd
MPN 5140627-70


Product Information (396kb PDF)
Safety Data Sheet (158kb PDF)


Here at AllFinishes we take health and safety seriously and recommend you use the correct protection for the job. Disregarding safety equipment can be damaging and result in long term health conditions. Please check out our Moldex range for high quality respirators and hearing protection.


The wood moisture content for the application of Sikkens coating systems should be between 12 % and 15 %.

The selected wood, the design and the applied layer thicknesses must comply with current technical standards.

All horizontal surfaces shall be bevelled by 15 ° and all edges shall be rounded with a radius of at least 2 mm.

Joints and open end grains must be sealed to prevent the ingress of water into the structure.

The substrates must be dry, free from dust and grease.

The selection and application of the coating, especially the colour shade, is important, too. Dark coatings in the exterior may lead to an elevated surface temperature (up to 80 °C).

To ensure correct adhesion of the following coating system, the paint system should not be sanded down to the substrate.

Please speak to one of our technical helpline representatives for advice.


Dip or Flow Coat:

Dry film thickness 30 μm can be achieved if coated twice.

Processing Viscocity 13 seconds in a DIN cup 4mm at 20°C.

Adjust to processing viscocity with water 15% - 20%.


We recommend using Sikkens Rubbol® WP 194 in part of the manufacturers recommended system.

Cetol WV 880 BPD

Rubbol WP 194

Mid coat
Rubbol WP 194

Top coat
Rubbol WF 375
Rubbol WF 378 / WF 380
Rubbol WF 382 / WF 387


The coating system mentioned here is only an example; other systems are possible. Please refer to the relevant Technical Data Sheets and ask your
Allfinishes Technical Representative for advice about coating systems.

All external materials coming into contact with the coating system (e.g. putty, adhesive tapes, sealants, cleaners, etc.) must be tested for compatibility by the user.

Intermediate sanding may only be done after the subsequent coating.

Product Numbers

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