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Sikkens RUBBOL WF 361
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Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 361 Brushable Semi-matt, 1 Pot, 3 Coat Paint for Exterior Joinery

Sikkens Wood Coatings are the industrial division of Akzo Nobel and are renowned for their expertise in joinery coatings. The wood is protected in the natural environment of your garden with Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 361. The emphasis on quality ensures Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 361 provides a durable, stylish, colourful look to help rejuvenate or renovate any outdoor woodwork.

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Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 361 is a water based pure acrylic, Semi-Matt, opaque Base, Mid and Topcoat, paint system in one tin. It creates a very tough and hard wearing finish that combines the advantages of the technology and stunning colour in one product.

It will leave a smooth surface and is resistant to UV light, dirt and moisture. This is the ideal product to protect and add value to your exposed wooden surfaces.

Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 361 is ideal for protecting all semi stable (Gates, Beams, Framework, Shutters, Garden Sheds, Eaves, Cladding, Rafters and Panel Fencing) and unstable (Trellis, Fences, Blind Systems, Pergolas, Carports, Tread Planks, Decking, Stiles, Cladding, Timbering, Terraces, Wooden Floors) hard and soft wood surfaces.


  • Suitable for softwood and hardwood
  • Available in the Sikkens 4041 Color Concept, RAL Classic, NCS or any desired colour shades
  • Ready to use 1 Pot 3 Coat system for use on external and internal wood
  • Protects wood surfaces drying within 4 hours
  • Apply by brush or roller

Technical Information

Brand Sikkens Wood Coatings
Coverage 10m2 per litre
Application Brush, Dip, Spray
Drying Time Touch dry in 30 minutes, dry to handle in 4–6 hours @ 23°C
Coats 3 coats recommended
Cleanup Clean directly after use with water or washing up liquid or with Sikkens ST 830
Storage 2 Years if can kept dry and firmly shut
VOC 80g/l
Ingredients Pure Acrylic


Here at AllFinishes we take health and safety seriously and recommend you use the correct protection for the job. Disregarding safety equipment can be damaging and result in long term health conditions. Please check out our Moldex range for high quality respirators and hearing protection.


Perfect sanding is a must for a clean and attractive surface finish.

The wood moisture content for the application of Sikkens Wood Coating systems should be between 12–15%.

Imperfect, loose coating must be completely removed. Intact coating should be completely sanded. Raw wood must be impregnated where necessary using Sikkens CETOL® WV 885 BPD.


Always consult the technical data sheet before use. Before use, read the technical data and product information. Even when working with low emission products one should take care of the customary protection measures.

Applying the product too generously and with insufficient ventilation will lead to delays in drying.

Primer coat of Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 361 @ 30 µm. 

Use Sikkens Kodrin spachtel if necessary if filling is required.

Mid coat of Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 361 @ 30µm

Top coat of Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 361 @ 30µm

The choice and use of the coating system, especially the colour shade, should also be taken into account. Darker shades can increase the surface temperature (up to 80°C)

Allow to dry for approximately 4–6 hours with good ventilation in between coats. Lower temperatures and/or higher air humidity can increase the drying time.

After 2–3 weeks, the surface is completely and thoroughly hardened.


Wood surfaces treated with Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 361 are easy to maintain.

Remove coarse dirt with a stiff bristle nylon bristle brush. Clean with a mild detergent solution and rinse well with clean water. Allow to dry. A proprietary fungicidal wash may be used where appropriate.

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