SIA 1748 siarexx fine 230 x 280mm Paper Sheets

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SIA 1748 siarexx fine 230 x 280mm Paper Sheets

1748 sialac - perfect preparation for perfect finishes!

As a specialist product for preparation for polishing and lacquering, 1748 sialac has a number of outstanding properties which, combined, produce perfect results, whether it’s keying primer coats and bodyfiller or intermediate and final sanding of lacquers.

The SIA 1748 siarexx 230 x 280mm Paper Sheets are the ideal abrasive for intermediate hand sanding of varnishes, keying of primers and fillers. It has low clogging properties for manual, sanding block and handheld machine sanding. The silicon carbide grain offers a high quality finish.

The SIA 1748 siarexx 230 x 280mm Paper Sheets can used with handheld machine sanders with a 115mm width configuration, manually by hand or with a hand sanding block.

The SIA 1748 siarexx 230 x 280mm Paper Sheets can be used for final sanding to prepare for polishing, final sanding as preparation for painting, intermediate sanding of lacquers, final sanding of profiled workpieces and keying of primers and fillers.


  • Available in 150 to 320 grit
  • Excellent surface quality in lacquering applications
  • Low clogging
  • For manual or machine use
  • Good finish properties

Technical Information

Brand SIA Abrasives
Dimensions 230 x 280mm
Application Paint, Primer, Filler, Lacquer
Bonding Agent Glue
Grain Silicon carbide
Coating Electrostatic
Backing B-Paper
MPN 9485.0463.0150, 9485.0463.0180, 9485.0463.0220, 9485.0463.0240, 9485.0463.0280, 9485.0463.0320


Here at AllFinishes we take health and safety seriously and recommend you use the correct protection for the job. Disregarding safety equipment can be damaging and result in long term health conditions. Please check out our Moldex range for high quality respirators and hearing protection.


SIA 1748 siarexx 230 x 280mm Paper Sheets are suitable for all types of applications. For a list of the types of machinery they can be used on, please see below.

Grit Type From To Description
Coarse 40 80 Coarse grit sandpaper is a good choice for rough sanding and removing stock quickly, such as sanding the edge of a sticking door with a belt sander.
Medium 100 150 Medium grit sandpaper makes a good starting point for most projects, from sanding unfinished wood to removing old varnish.
Fine 180 240 Finer grit sandpaper is great for removing the scratches left by coarser grits on unfinished wood and for lightly sanding between coats of paint.
Very Fine 320 400 Very fine grit sandpaper is used for light sanding between coats of finish and to sand metal and other hard surfaces.


SIA 1748 siarexx 230 x 280mm Paper Sheets can be used on the following material

  • Primer coat
  • PU lacquer
  • NC lacquer
  • UV lacquer
  • Water-based varnish
  • Polyester lacquer
  • Acrylic lacquer
  • Solid surface material
  • Plastics
  • Bodyfiller
  • Primer fillers


Please ensure you dispose of in the correct waste disposal

Compatible Machinery

Sandpaper Sheets can be cut down to 1/3 Sheets (93 x 230mm) or 1/2 Sheets (115 x 280mm) for use on hand held sanding equipment.

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