Rubio Wood Cream

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Rubio Wood Cream

A revolutionary cream that provides an instant weathered look to exterior vertical wood.

Rubio Wood Cream provides elegant protection & a distinct grey effect with water-repellent qualities. Considerably slows down the growth of algae & moss. Easy to apply for an even surface with zero spillages.

Rubio Wood Cream is great for soft wood types. In wood types that are rich in contents, such as, for example, Oak, Red Cedar, Afzelia, etc., discolouration and efflorescence may occur, due to leaching of water-soluble or oily compounds.

Rubio Wood Cream is available in 7 shades of grey, which give the wood an aged look. A transparent version is also available, which allows the wood to age naturally, but protects it and makes it water-repellent.

Its cream structure makes this product easy to apply, especially on vertical wood. It can be applied using brush or cloth to apply. The pearl effect also has a self-cleaning function. Raindrops slide off the wood immediately and on their way down, take whatever dust is on the surface. This means it takes a long time for vertical wood to look dry. 


  • Water resistant
  • Self cleaning
  • Cream structure for optimum convenience
  • 7 colours for an aged look
  • 100% ecological and zero VOC

Technical Information

Brand Rubio Monocoat
Coverage 60–80g/m²
Application Brush
Drying Time Touch dry in 8–10 hours @ 23°C
Coats 2 coats recommended
Storage 1 year if kept dry and firmly shut.
VOC 0g/l
Material Water based cream
MPN 143074, 143075, 143076, 143077, 143078, 143079, 143080, 143081, 143556, 143567, 143570, 143571, 143573, 143574, 143576, 143577, 143578


Product Information (891kb PDF)


Ensure that vertical wood is dry and clean. In case of extremely soiled and oily wood or mildew stains, we recommend to clean the wood with RMC Exterior Wood Cleaner.

We recommend always using a sample. Do not perform treatment with Rubio Wood Cream in direct sunlight.

The wood must be thoroughly rinsed with water after the use of RMC Exterior Wood Cleaner before application of the Rubio® WoodCream. Consult the accompanying technical data sheet before use.


Stir Rubio Wood Cream well before applying it (undiluted) to the vertical surface with a brush in the direction of the wood grain.

Apply 0 to 80 g/m2 in 1 single coat. The exact amount needed depends on the absorption of the substrate. Do not apply too much product; only what the wood can absorb is what is needed for effective protection.


Immediately rub the product in the direction of the wood grain with a sponge/cloth. Do not let residue dry.

Do not apply the product too thickly. Only what the wood can absorb is what is needed for effective protection.

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):
143074, 143075, 143076, 143077, 143078, 143079, 143080, 143081, 143556, 143567, 143570, 143571, 143573, 143574, 143576, 143577, 143578

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