Renner YL-M604 White Primer

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YL M604


Renner YL-M604 is a two-pack basecoat for use underneath pigmented water-based topcoats. It is available in white. Fast-drying it will give excellent filling properties, even colour and good sanding.

Areas of Use

It's perfect for working on MDF and Masonite on projects such as flat part, frames, baseboards and doors. If the primer is catalised with 4% of YC-M400 it will reduce grain raising in MDF, increase thermoplasticity and durability. Ideal when maufacturing kitchens and bathrooms.


  • Excellent filling primer
  • High build
  • Long pot life after catalyst
  • High pigment and covering power
  • Superb sanding ability

Technical Information

Brand Renner
Application Conventional Spray, Airmix Spray, Airless Spray, Electrostatic Spray
Coverage (G/M²) 150 - 250 per coat
Coats 1 - 3 Max.
Touch Dry 1 hour
Sand Dry 8 hours


4 hours
Mixring Ratio 100:4
Activator YC-M402
Thinner 5% water if necessary
Pot Life N/A
Solids Content % 47 ± 1
Specific Gravity (KG/L) 1,200 ± 0,030
Viscocity 12000 (BROOKFIELD)
VOC (G/L) 47


Tech Data Sheet


We suggest 240 - 320 grit abrasives. For best results, use stearate abrasives. They provide higher efficiency than normal abrasives. Ensure the surface is compeltely clean of debris before coating. See our pages for suitable abrasives for water-based products. 


With good drying conditions and good air circulation 20°C  with 65% humidity), build can be achieved with just 2 to 3 coats. Each coat of 150 - 250150-250 G/M² with an interval of 60 mins. Under these circumstances it can be sanded after 8 hours. Lower temperatures and higher relative humidity can lead to a longer drying time. It is posible to speed up drying using heated ovens. Can be catalysed 4% of YC-M400 for increased thermoplasticity.


YL-M604 can be overcoated with any of the pigmented Renner Waterborne Topcoats.


It is important to to understand when switching from a solvent-based to a water-based coatings system to check whether your equipment and apparatus is appropriate or whether more suitable solutions exist. AllFinishes are able to advise you on electrostatic guns, pumps, seals, silicones, glues, booth treatment products, packaging materials, fillers and abrasives. Click the contact us buttom for advice.

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